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GT3 Proxy Round 5 - Pennsylvania , Modlersc

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  • GT3 Proxy Round 5 - Pennsylvania , Modlersc

    Race 5 will be hosted by Sherman "Modlersc" on his beautiful track in Pennsylvania, home of the IHSR. Good luck racers!
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    just wondering when this round was planned to be run? really enjoying the series guys. thanks for the effort


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      Hello all
      Its Springtime and the Honey-do list is long as my arm. I think she's trying to "off" this old man.
      All the cars will be checked and the tires cleaned Saturday.
      Qualifying will be run this Sunday and I'll have the results up that evening. The race will be on Saturday May 7.
      Good luck to all the racers and their beautiful cars


      • Brumos RSR
        Brumos RSR commented
        Editing a comment
        The #33 needs a warm track so this works for me get cracking on that list. The Midwest is sending rain your way so you may get time off for good behavior.

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      oh my , what a cracking track !
      love it and looking forward to the next round


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        GT3 Proxy Race 5 Qualifying results "No Name Yet Raceway" Chambersburg Pa. USA

        With out a doubt this is the best group of proxy cars I've been privileged to see.
        Track is 85' long, fast and well rubbered-in for high grip.
        All cars were checked over and had their tires cleaned. Qualifying order was picked at random and qualifying was only started after a period of running-in the track for a while.
        Perhaps there are some happy surprises or some disappointments but remember that these results and comments are for this track, on this day, and with this driver. Your race result may vary 🙂
        Please forgive the inelegant presentation. Rob F. kindly sent me an excel template but I need some time to master it. Perhaps next time.

        Position car# Entrant time comments
        1. 2 Courtney S. 5.528 Wow. Smooth fast and confident. Tires gripped great the whole time.
        2. 100 PK_CZ 5.587 Perfection. Easy to drive fast . Not overpowered at all and easy to drive fast
        3. 101 JMS 5.636 Brilliant acceleration and brakes. Good balance but tires started to slide later in the run
        4. 99 Big Duhg 5.653 Great balance of power and grip but tires don't like the throttle snapped on quickly
        5. 93 DF Racing 5.696 Smooth and easy to drive briskly. Will be a good bet for a nice finish because of that
        6. 33 Brumos RSR 5.711 Ungodly fast motor. Needed some traction control , Doesn't like its tail out.
        7. 46 Leadfoot 5.739 Modest motor but its gentleness and good grip leads to consistent speedy laps. Good qualities for a proxy car
        8. 60 Loanshark 5.757 Super powerful motor. Car doesn't like power on until the car is straight out of a corner.
        9. 70 Smokio 5.804 Noisy but fast! Most forgiving car but needs more grip.
        10. 5 Redlyner 5.807 Speedy and smooth. Car wants to be driven "neatly" with the rear tightly following the front. No tail-out corners
        11. 64 Audi 1 5.829 Not the fastest motor but just in the sweet spot for fast consistent laps
        12. 4 Aloha 5.834 Good acceleration and braking. Most forgiving and predictable tires.
        13. 12 SR Hawaii 5.839 Super acceleration. Tires start to chatter before I think the limit is reached for some reason
        14. 7 F1 Fan 5.855 Tires lost grip after a few laps. Needed Traction control to avoid spinning the tires loose
        15. 79 JimmySlots 5.858 Demands smooth application of the throttle. Wiggles down the straight a bit.
        16. 54 LEZ 5.860 Chatters on the fast kink or if power applied to quickly
        17. 10 CGYRacer 5.868 Good grip when the tires were clean but they went off quickly. Brakes full on but braking felt inconsistent
        18. 13 Modernslots 5.880 Modest motor made it easy to drive but chattered at the limit
        19. 31 GSNopoint 5.892 BIG rpm motor. Hard to time the braking points. Chattered at the limit.
        20. 2 FastCo. 5.901 Good cornering on clean tires but chattering at the corner exit with power on
        21. 48 RLEOG 5.935 Another car that demands to be driven "neatly" with the tail closely following the nose. Motor choice is good for a proxy racer.
        22. 9 Superslab 5.950 Lots of power. Chatters if power applied in the turn.
        23. 88 Ragtopman 5.965 Wonderfully smooth and silent. Superfast motor wants much longer straightaway. Can't use all the power
        24. 200 Camber200 6.048 Plenty of speed and brakes but poor grip limited its performance.
        25. 188 SteeVeW 6.084 Excellent acceleration and brakes. Tips out when pushed
        26. 63 Aroldn 6.472 Too much motor. Car jumps and is nervous when power applied
        27. 23 OXO Cube 6.489 Rear end chatter limiting acceleration. Hard to make faster laps.

        Thanks for the opportunity to race your amazing cars


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          Thank you for the qualifying. Great to see Courtney at the top. Aloha Dale


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            AMAZING!!! In this proxy qualifying has a different Lito every round. Incredible how competitive qualifying is. Of course racing and qualifying are 2 different things so I can’t wait until Raceday!! Congratulations to SirCourtneyS , JMS and PK on your qualifying results. Looks like the #33 prefers less rubber down or more heat for grip so we will be praying for a perfect day. Sherman, thank you very much for clearing time to get qualifying in while staying out of trouble w the Wife.
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              Thanks Modlersc for quali seancion!
              Crazy enough, every track has diferent results.
              Congratulations to CourtneyS and to JMS on your qualifying results.
              It is also interesting, how random order on quali could influence quali times?
              Could you share quali order?


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                Congratulations to CourtneyS on his TQ and also to PK_CZ and JMS for their podium finishes. I've driven all of these cars and I know those three deserve to be at the top. I'm hoping my car, as it often does, races better than it qualified, but only time will tell.

                Thanks for the qualifying run Sherm. And great job with the thorough and informative comments!

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                  Thanks fir running the Round#5 qualy for us Sherman!

                  Congrats to CourtneyS, PK_CZ and JMS on their qualifying results.

                  Looking forward the the race!



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                    Congrats to the Podium-ites!
                    Nice work Sherman. Always appreciate the feedback.
                    With 12 entries in the 5.8s, this will be interesting mid-pack.
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                      Thank you Sherman. Congrats to CourtneyS, PK_CZ, and JMS on their podiums. I'm pleasantly surprised to see the #93 Viper qualifying at this level.

                      Thanks again
                      Randy C
                      Grindrod B.C.


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                        Gentlemen... We have a race.
                        First a big thanks to the generous members of IHSR that braved truly awful weather to get here for the race. I owe 'ya one.
                        Here are those stalwart drivers, marshals and co-ordinator. L to R.... Dave, Keith, Rick, Harry,Glen, Bob and John.
                        Click image for larger version

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                        The race had some surprises as some of the faster qualifying cars struggled for grip as the race progressed. On the other hand a few cars improved substantially over their qualifying positions. Thats why we race.... you never know.
                        Some notable observations from todays event.
                        Car #60 tipped up on the corner prior to the pit entrance, stormed into pit lane and proceded to take out all the pit crews and cars. Oh the carnage.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Car 200's guide would stick sideways in an off making reslotting slower. Smokio's #70's gears started getting worringly noisy in the last two heats- finished ok though.
                        Aloha's car was beautifuly silent- nice. The #11 car's rear end was dragging on the track at the end- we should check it. F1Fan's car became loose fairly early on while Jimmyslots' #79 car's tires went off late in the race. Glen's #31 car, that I had mistakenly considered overpowered came into its own today moving way up from its qualifying position. On the other hand the #100 and 101 , both high qualifiers lost a lot of grip after the first 25-30 laps and really struggled the rest of the way. Relog's #48 car gets my nod as the best sounding car today- that perfect gear mesh high whine was great.

                        Here are your race results
                        Click image for larger version

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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0493.jpg
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ID:	160792 Thank you all for the privelege of hosting your fine cars
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                          Well that's embarrassing. I hope no-one was injured in my crash. It's so tough to keep my guy on the track.
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                            Thanks to Sherman and the IHSR club members for running rd 5 and I certainly hope there were no fatalities!
                            Congrats to Brumos for the nice win and to CourtneyS and Redlyner for rounding out the podium. Appreciate the drivers giving my car a great run and moving it way up from qualifying!