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2021 Can-Am Proxy Rules and registration

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  • 2021 Can-Am Proxy Rules and registration

    OK, guys, finally!

    I have taken the rules from the last event and revised them somewhat. I would like to ask that people review and comment ASAP. While I am not saying no changes will be considered, to my mind we do have issues bigger than those addressed in the rules.


    RULES R1: UPDATED 2021 01 03

    Link to Google Drive PDF file:

    Change log:
    * Reformatted
    * Changes as discussed on this thread incorporated
    * Scale clarification as per this thread added as appendix

    Please note that the numbering in this doc is "off" from when I pasted it. The linked PDF has the correct numbering and spacing

    ARRIVALS as at 2021 04 23
    Disco Denny March
    vtecfour April 12
    Barc1 April 16
    SR Hawaii April 16
    gsnopoint April 16
    steveew April 21
    modelersc April 22
    Rleog April 22
    Pepsi 62 April 22
    DRW21 April 22
    CJ74 April 23
    Redlynr April 23

    2021 HRW Can-Am proxy:
    1. Overview:
    This proxy is conducted in the spirit of the glory days of the Can-Am Racing series. the goal is to race cars that appear as scale representations of cars that raced in the Can-Am Racing series during the 1966-1974 seasons. While accurate reproductions of real cars are encouraged, fantasy liveries are allowed and may utilize any paint and decals. All cars must look period correct. If you are unsure of how these cars looked, please spend some time researching them; there are many pictorial descriptions of the Can-Am cars both online and in hard copy.
    1. Administration:

    Entrant acceptance and qualification:
    • Participation in the full series is limited to 24 cars in total
    • Position on the “Entry Application List” and choice of racing number will be on a first come – first served basis.
    • Up to a total of 36 entries will be accepted. Applications in excess of 36 will be added to a waitlist.
    • The Application List will be kept current up to the payment due date. The 36 accepted entrants are required to submit payment of the Registration fee as described.
    • “The Shootout”: at the start of the series, the Race Director will run a 3 minute heat of all 36 cars. The 24 cars with the most laps continue on in the series.
    • In the interest of adding value to the unsuccessful shootout participants and to make this a learning experience, it is intended to have a live “review” of the unsuccessful entries after the shootout. A Zoom call with a "panel of experts" will be scheduled. The unsuccessful cars will then be opened up and the panel will give some comments / pointers based on what is seen. In this way people will have some ideas for improvement to give them a better shot at next year's proxy. This will only be done for those people that want it done, so it will be optional.

    Registration Fee:

    The Registration Fee is US$25 per entry. Entrants are limited to one car for this series. The fee is due by March 1, 2021. Payment by PayPal is preferred to [email protected]

    Due Date:

    All entries are due at the first track in the series – GVSCC Tanex Raceways, by May 1, 2021. Shipping address is:

    Alwyn Slabbert
    49 – 3088 Francis Rd
    Richmond, BC
    V7C 5V9

    Racing schedule:
    • This series will run at different 10 tracks; 5 in the US and 5 in Canada, in keeping with the racing format of the original Can-Am series. All tracks are routed wood.
    • The first race of the series is planned to be run by May 15th
    • All hosts are requested to stick to a maximum of 3 weeks from the time of receipt of the cars to mailing them on to the next host track as far as possible. If possible, a quicker turnaround would be appreciated.

    With this timing, the series should be completed in a little over 6 months.
    1. Rules:

    Eligible Cars:
    • ANY purpose-built, open cockpit Can-Am car that participated in at least one race in the Can-Am Racing series during the period 1966-1974 will be eligible.
    • FIA cars that also raced in Can-Am events are NOT ELIGIBLE. This excludes cars such as the Porsche 917K, Ford GT40, Ferrari P4, Porsche 906/908 etc.
    • If you have questions about a particular car that you are not clear on, then contact the Proxy Coordinator, Alwyn Slabbert (SuperSlab)

    The following Racing Sports Cars website will be the historical reference for eligibility:

    Unless a definitive source is found that amends/contradicts this source, cars NOT on these pages will NOT be allowed.


    ANY injection molded, resin cast, 3D printed or manually fabricated body that is a good representation of an eligible car in 1/32 scale is acceptable, subject to the following.
    • All cars must have racing numbers in 3 locations: on doors/side and on either the hood, or trunk
    • No changes to wheel wells allowed and no body lowering that gives the car a “slammed” look.
    • Lightweight interiors allowed but must be 3 dimensional and painted to show driver’s head, shoulders, arms, steering wheel and dash, and a roll bar.
    • Entrant’s name, as well as instructions for body float adjustments, if any, must be noted on underside of car.
    • Car numbers must be unique; no duplicate numbers. Numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis
    • Tires must fit fully under the fenders. Tires may NOT project beyond body work when viewed from above.
    • Whether a windshield or a windscreen, clear window material must be present. Windows/windshields may be vacuum formed.
    • Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography prior to the first race, if needed, and to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.

    Scale accuracy:

    While it is desired to have realistic to scale looking cars, the scarcity of suitable bodies forces a relaxed approach to scale accuracy. Note that some Thunderslot cars are up to more than 15% out of scale on some dimensions. Because of this, scale rules shall be as follows:
    • Any RTR nominal 1/32 scale model of the approved cars will be accepted.
    • 3D printed, resin and fabricated bodies will be allowed a 15% scale tolerance up to a maximum width of 64mm (to match Thunderslot)
    • Anybody that enters a resin, 3D printed or fabricated body will be required to submit a source of the dimensions of the car and demonstrate with measurements that the entered car conforms to the scale rules
    Refer Appendix 1 for example of scale allowance application

    • ANY chassis that is stock, aftermarket, scratch built, or 3D printed using any material, is eligible.
    • Podded or non-podded chassis allowed
    • All configurations (Inline/sidewinder/anglewinder) are acceptable
    • Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface, on level track, by 1.0mm minimum.
    • Guide must be entirely under body, and NOT visible when viewed from above. No weight is allowed in the guide.
    • Traction magnets are NOT permitted.
    • Any type of bushings and bearings are allowed on front and rear axles
    • All chassis MUST be mounted like an RTR car - meaning screws through the chassis to body mounting points. Chassis with side mounts such as the HRS/HSR-2 can be used as long as the pins do NOT go through the body.
    • No pins THROUGH the body, Velcro, etc. will be allowed


    ANY stock or aftermarket gears and ratios of your choice may be used.

    • ANY commercially available FC-130, FK-130, FK-180 (including Flat 6 models) or FF-050 motor
    • Motors may not be opened or modified in any way versus the stock commercially available motor; external capacitors may be removed

    • ANY plastic or aluminium wheels are permitted, provided that they do not alter the period look of the car. This includes wheel diameter
    • Wheels must have period-appropriate inserts or look reasonably period for the car - no BBS or blank aluminum insert wheels please.

    • All BLACK rubber tires are accepted provided that they do not alter the period look of the car. No coloured tires are allowed
    • No chemicals or oil-based preparation is allowed.
    • Tires may be cleaned in any manner prior to shipping them to the first race but may not be prepared by oil-soaking or other chemical means.
    • Front tires may be glued, trued and slightly profiled.
    • Front tyres may be coated using clear nail polish or a thin coat of CA glue.
    • “O-ring” style skinny tires are not allowed

    Inspection and Repairs:
    • A running inspection of cars is to be made before and after each race. Cars may be cleaned, lubricated and the braids may be adjusted, as needed.
    • The only tire cleaning allowed is with a sticky pad.
    • Minor adjustments may be made prior to the car being raced without penalty.
    • If a car breaks during a race the track host may repair that car but the car will have a 3 lap penalty assessed against it.
    • If a major repair is required, the track host will contact the car's owner to determine if the damaged car should be sent home for repair between races. This will be done at the car owner's expense. Car is to be forwarded to the next event by the owner and at the owner's expense.
    1. Racing and results:


    The first event at GVSCC Tanex Raceways will have a Concours judging event. This event is an important and fun part of this proxy race because it recognizes the efforts and model-making of each entry and recognizes the raw beauty of these cars in 1/32 scale. Please make every effort to make your car look like it would have back in the day!!!

    The Concours will be voted upon by the volunteer drivers that will be attending the first race at Tanex Raceways. The cars will be judged on paint and appearance, assembly, realism, and their vintage flair.

    The Concours event is for recognition purposes only: no points will be awarded in the results of the series.

    Race Format:
    • Tracks to be used will be announced in the Can-Am proxy subforum on Home Racing World.
    • Track voltage will be set between 10-12 volts at the host’s discretion and shall be equal for all cars. Check the Can-Am 2019 – Tracks thread to see the most commonly used racing voltages.
    • Qualifying: all cars must be run for a reasonable number of laps to establish a lap time that is representative of the car’s potential. Qualifying times must be recorded and reported. All cars must be qualified by the same driver in the same lane.
    • Race order will be from the slowest qualifier to the fastest qualifier.
    • Tires must be cleaned on a sticky pad prior to entering a car into the racing grid and must be cleaned the same way in between heats. Sticky pads will be provided and there will be no substitute way of cleaning tires.
    • The amount of time run in each lane must be the same. A minimum of 3 minutes racing time per car per lane is required at each track and a total minimum of 9 minutes per car is required.
    • Each car is to be raced in a fair and equal manner and subject to the same track conditions. Drivers should remain in one lane for the full duration of the round to ensure consistent driving for all cars.
    • The winner of each round will be determined based on total laps covered. Points will be awarded based on the number of cars in the proxy. For example, in this 24 car field, the winner gets 24 points, second place gets 23, etc. down to 1 point.
    1. Series results:

    The overall result of the series will be based on the total points from each entrant's 9 best point scores from the 10 rounds MINUS any penalty points. The lowest point score of each entrant will be discarded for the final standings.
    1. Hosts:
    • The race director will be in touch with hosts prior to the round to arrange for photographs and a description of the track. This will be posted to the Can-Am 2019 – Tracks thread
    • Rules for Track Hosts will be sent to each host well in advance of their Round.
    • Hosts are requested to provide pictures of the following for the round:
      • Pictures of the full field of cars on your track
      • Pictures of the top three winners on your track (the start/finish line is a good option)
    • Video and/or live streaming is encouraged but not required.
    • A spreadsheet of the results sent to the Race Director within 24 hours of the actual race so official updates can be made expeditiously

    Appendix 1: scale allowance

    The intention:

    The objective is to encourage scratch builders to create some of the older, narrower cars to get a diverse field. Accepted that narrow, older cars are unlikely to be competitive against wide, overscale Thunderslot. So to level the playing field, scratch builders will receive the same width adjustment allowances that Thunderslot has taken with scale interpretation.

    The scale accuracy rule states:

    3D printed, resin and fabricated bodies will be allowed a 15% scale tolerance up to a maximum width of 64mm (to match Thunderslot)”
    • Why 64mm? Because the dominant, overscale Thunderslot cars are about that width.
    • Why 15%? Because that is generally the degree to which Thunderslot cars are overscale.

    To clarify by example what will be allowed: it is anticipated that there are three potential scale groups to consider:
    • Very narrow cars that, even when adding 15% extra to the width, would still be less than 64mm wide. These people can use the full 15% to make them more competitive and end up with a car that is say 62mm wide
    • Cars that are close to the 64mm limit when modelled accurately and that would end up being WIDER than 64mm when you add the 15% allowance. For these cars, modelers would have to limit the cars to 64mm so they are comparable to Thunderslot cars. So the car will be wider than the actual scale width but not more than the 64mm cap.
    • Real life BIG cars that are over 64mm wide when scaled accurately. Think Porsche 917/30. In that case, modelers will have to scale the cars accurately. In other words, a Porsche 917/30 scales to 65.6mm. A 3D printer will therefore have to print a body that is no wider than the correct scale width of 65.6mm without any additional allowance. And no: the width is NOT limited to 64 mm. Because the correct scale size is over 64mm, the width is limited to the actual correct scale width of 65.6mm. These cars will be comparable to the RTR Carreras for instance

    Worked examples of the above three categories:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Can Am scale allowance calcs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	26.7 KB ID:	72935

    **** END RULES ***

    Phew, there you have it! Note that this will be the official rules and registration thread: I will transfer the names of those that have already indicated an interest in the proxy in chronological order in this thread and keep it up to date.



    OK guys, that went like a house on fire. Looks like I should rethink the numbers perhaps. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INFO AND ADVISE ERRORS

    UPDATE 2021 04 22 @ 09:47 PDT

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CanAm entry 2021 04 22.jpg Views:	20 Size:	203.1 KB ID:	94899
    Attached Files
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    That's great news

    I'm in, can I please have # 21


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      I would like to enter. Number 10 please.



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        #2, please, and thank you!
        Steve G
        Detroit Suburbia


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          i am in! number TBD.

          Edit: #4 for me please
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            Aloha previously requested #4. A second number choice perhaps? OOPS sorry: initially Aloha said 3 or (his favourite) 4. I see now he has listed 3 so you are fine with 4
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          As posted on your other CanAm thread today; I'm in; #6 please.



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            Count me in please #3. Aloha


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              I would like to enter as well........# TBD.

              Chris Walker


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                I'm in. #9 if you please.


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                  I’m in #8 please
                  Courtney Smith
                  Chattanooga TN


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                    No RPM limit on the motors?

                    "Houston, we have liftoff!"

                    BTW, I want in on this. I will have to find out what number is on the car.

                    Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                      Fill your boots with RPMs. I personally have been embarrassed more often by too much power rather than too little....

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                    I'd like #5.

                    Does "rubber" tires mean those from NSR and Slot It but not Paul Gage, Yellow Dog or home made urethane rubber tires?

                    Thanks for clarification.



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                      Hi Dan. Rubber only, no urethane. Rubber and urethane are not as bad together as with silicone but they still do affect each other, as I have found on my testing for the GT3 proxy. I will clarify the rules on this. Also to note that, while the rules already specify period-appropriate appearance, I will also explicitly remind people that tyres are black in real life and they need to be black in the proxy!

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                      And also #5 was taken already in the earlier thread. Second choice?

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                    Dang, was going to put proxies on hold for a while but can't resist - I may have a panzer wagen running by then ; number 20 please.


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                      Wonderful to see the resounding response guys! I am logging all entry requests and will post the list soon.


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                        I’m in. Number 101, please.
                        Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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                          Hmmm. I wonder which car Bob G is going to enter... lol