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new proxy ideal fly le mans

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  • new proxy ideal fly le mans

    Was thinking the other day and never have I seen a fly le mans proxy done. ton of these cars out there. think of two groups, stock mod and super mod. stock mod would be stock chassis /body and after market axile and wheels nsr 20k motor rubber tires max width 12 mm and super mod anything goes just have to use fly body and 12mm max rubber tires. we run a class of these with stock chassis and have to keep the stock gear ratio and motor but the rest is open to replace, and we have some very close racing with them.
    thoughts please
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    Le Mans
    ...or is La Mans the women only version? Which would then be La Womans


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      Well it was late when I posted that. My bad


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        What years I would enter


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          I was thinking going with the classics say 1960 to 71. That would be the gt40. 908. T70 906 512 917 . Ect
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            I was thinking this would be a fun one as well. I can't do it right now as it is already hard with two going to keep cars in others haha.

            Next year if F1 continues to decline on entries then I may give this one a go.

            I would suggest going with one group, and keeping them stock chassis. Spec motor, but the let everything else go.



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              I would enter....tons of these cars.
              Come Race at The Trace!
              Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                I pulled these from our club rules. thinking of going with with but a spec motor 20k nsr or MAYBE Piranha 21,500 RPM Motor and open gearing

                mod class. STOCK CHASSIS AND BODY MUST BE USED..

                Technical Specifications

                Except for the following allowances, car should be box stock. Specifically this means-

                Stock motor

                Stock body and chassis (wheel wells may not be altered)


                Traction magnet must be removed

                Any rubber tire

                Tires may be glued and trued on the wheels

                Guide and braid are free to replace/modify

                Guide may be shimmed to appropriate depth for track

                Grinding to fit (lead, brass, etc...) weight in is acceptable. Grinding to remove weight is not.

                Front stub axles may be replaced with a single, solid axle holding the stock front wheels

                Use of metal gears is allowed

                Use of metal wheels and a replacement axle & bushing is allowed. Wheels and tires may be of similar size/aspect ratio to the stock hardware (from any vendor), or use the Slot.It replacement kits ( … =24_94_100).

                If wheels are replaced, the wheel itself must be appropriately detailed or period-correct inserts must be installed.

                It is permitted to glue bearings into the chassis

                It is permitted to glue the motor into the chassis

                It is permitted to apply glue inside bearings to eliminate slop of oversize bearings

                Chassis may be filed along its perimeter for float, but do not remove more than 1/16" of material.

                Valances and other bodywork may be separated from the chassis and attached to the body provided it maintains the original profiles, features, proportions, and contours of the model.

                BNOVA and similar guide repair components are acceptable for repairing existing cars but not as a tuning option

                SUPER MOD OR OPEN CLASS
                fly body must be used same as above
                open chassis, brass, 3d what ever floats your boat
                rubber tires only
                open motor and gearing


                Any Le Mans competitors modeled by Fly, Scalextric, Monogram, Revell, Spirit, or Ninco which ran in the 1971 event or prior are eligible for competition.
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                  Could I enter the SRC > Porsche 907K Vila Real #27 has the same chassis as the Fly cars, If not thats OK. Just I have it ready to be setup right here.


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                    I was only throwing these out to see if who might be on board for such challange so
                    these is only in the feel it out kind of stage right now. the cars and rules would have to be tweeked down the road.


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                      I love the Le Mans cars. I'd be interested and lots of body choices. But also lots of proxies going on so if the deadline is somewhat delayed, I'd be in. Mailing in my Ford v. Ferrari this weekend. Mailing the IPS probably next week. Next up is Trans Am U2 and then Corey's Quick Slicks slip on proxy. Can it be after that?


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                        hey it only the discussion stage right now. just getting a feel on what kind of response is out there. still need some body to take the reins of it and all. i have no clue on what it takes to run such a beast... most likely be down the road say fall late summer..... like you said there is alot of proxy going on and it is a little over loaded.


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                          I have a Porsche 906 that ran in the Porsche vs Ford Proxy. I'll have to find the stock chassis. Well I also have a few other classic Flys as well. So I'm in. Just have to find the stock chassis for all of them.


                          • Brumos RSR
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                            I'd be in for super mod w a Carrera 6 22k motor

                          • arroldn
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                            Tony, thanks for mentioning the Super Mod class. I failed to read that far down. Most of my cars would be in that class.

                          • Brumos RSR
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                            I don't believe I own 1 car that has been removed from the box that is stock. Your post made me think of my inventory.
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                          Sounds fun Im in.


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                            Would you want to include all of the other brands that are included in our club Class ( Fly, Scalextric, Spirit, Ninco, Monogram, Revell, ect)? Or limit it to Fly only?

                            As a club we started this class because we all had cars at home that didn't fit into any of the other classes we were currently running. The Fly cars seem to have taken over due to the tunability and great variety available.

                            With the club rules this has become one of our closest most competitive classes.

                            The 3D and other aftermarket chassis in a proxy could really open these up. My '68 Scalextric Corvettes with the Olifer chassis are like rockets, they would compete with the fastest NSRs and Slot Its except for the heavier bodies. But they are still fun.