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2020 TransAm U2 Proxy - Round #10 - The River Run

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  • 2020 TransAm U2 Proxy - Round #10 - The River Run

    Last Round coming right up!

    Now that the Northern Connecticut club has finished up their two Rounds, the cars come just a little further North to Northshore, MA for the final Round at The River Run.

    Glenn (101 Corvettes) and I are working out the logistics for a person-to-person hand-off just over the Connecticut line. The qualy will be mid-this week and the race is scheduled for Sunday, November 22nd. The drivers will be Matt (changing.gearz), Jeff (dge67) and Dickie (dungeonracer). I'll be behind the computer keeping the tallies.

    So, get ready, the 2020 Trans-Am US Proxy is headed for it's conclusion at Round #10 by the end of next week.

    We will also be hosting a concourse event for the cars - so, send in your spit-and- polish clothes to me early this week...........

    This will be fun! I'll do my best to video both the qualy and the race; probably on Facebook Live.


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    The Trans-Am U2 cars are in the house and on the track for Round #10!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0642.jpg Views:	0 Size:	58.0 KB ID:	64300

    Here's a view of the whole field:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0645.jpg Views:	0 Size:	68.7 KB ID:	64301

    And, all lined up in Qualy order; based on current standings after 9 Rounds (bottom left to top right will be the running order):

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0646.jpg Views:	0 Size:	57.5 KB ID:	64302

    ...and, from the right and left sides:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0647.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.1 KB ID:	64303

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0648.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.0 KB ID:	64304

    The qualy will be tomorrow morning EST and I'll be posting the video on FB Live when we're complete. I'll put up the link once the video is complete.

    Bob Bianchi from Slot Car Corner is coming down to do the honors and I'll be behind the computer. Results and driving impressions will be available later on Friday afternoon.

    Good luck to everyone in the qualy!

    The race is scheduled for Sunday and will also be available by video on FB Live.



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      What a great looking grid! One thing though, Alan. I believe BrumosRSR is one point ahead of me in the standings. That would put him in 6th place and me in 7th. The cars appear to be slightly out of order on the standings spreadsheet after Round 9
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        Thanks Steve - Iโ€™ll re-check that.

      • JTK
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        The current standings are not sorted by points at the link above. Otherwise, Mitch58 and I should be flipped as well. Not a huge issue for me, but Fast Co is correct. The sorting is off.

      • Audi1
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        Thanks for the qualy order catches, gentlemen. I had gone by total points in the initial grid set-up, but have now adjusted it for overall position in the series taking into account the throw-out. We'll be running it shortly...............

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      No worries Sir Audi1 thank you for qualifying, your team for the race and the Concours Finale. Good luck to all the builders on Race Day and qualifying.
      The Jester

      Soxside (Chicago)


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        Live on Facebook right now at River Run!
        117 views, 4 likes, 0 loves, 13 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from The River Run: The River Run was live.
        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          Thanks guys for getting this in even with all the glitches itโ€™s still fun to watch live
          Courtney Smith
          Chattanooga TN


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            Allan and Bob thank you for your time and the video...always great to see cars run and the banter on observation of cars. Audio was great too, as you could hear the chatter when cars were pushed. Hope #31 was respectable ... got a call from my driver that he couldn't concentrate when he heard about pizza with anchovies...


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              We have Round #10 qualy results!

              Bob Bianchi from Slot Car Corner came down today to run the qualy for Sunday's Round #10. He ran each car for 10 laps to get used to it and to set up the braids, etc. Then he ran 10 laps for fastest lap and 10-lap average. The qualy was run at 10V and all of the cars were run in the white (center) lane.

              Scott, thanks for posting the FB Live link!

              Lots of close best laps; in bunches, with a notable break- almost 0.5 seconds, between 19th and 18th position.

              Two of the car literally "skated" around the track, so we cleaned the rears of both car with isopropyl alcohol before running their qualy heats. They were cars #10 and #13. I don't treat cars specially at any time during the qualy or the race, but these two cars had clearly picked up something on their rears that made them totally undriveable (see the video for a look at that). I hope it won't be a problem for the other racers, but without the tires being cleaned, I felt that the cars would not perform up the the standards that they had been built and tuned to.

              The qualy results are based on fastest (Best) lap, but I always add the 10-lap average, because it's a good indicator of how the car will race. If a car's Best Lap and 10-lap average are within 0.1-0.2 seconds of each other, then that shows a car that is apt to be a consistent performer, is easy to drive and is apt to place at or above its qualy position in the race. If there is more than 0.2 seconds between the two, then the best time is, more often than not, a lucky lap and the car may not perform to it's qualy position in the race.

              So, here are your results:

              Trans-An U2 Qualification Results

              Position / Car # / Best Lap / 10-Lap Av / Comments

              27 / 45 / 9.105 / 9.20 / Chatter on rears, loose, hard to drive fast

              26 / 27 / 8.405 / 8.52 / Top-heavy, fronts set-up is loose, chatter

              25 / 13 / 7.503 / 8.86 / Loose, chatter, good motor, brakes OK

              24 / 20 / 7.403 / 7.68 / Tippy, front feels light, de-slots easily

              23 / 4 / 7.299 / 7.48 / Chatter, loose, good motor, brakes OK, tails out

              22 / 65 / 7.275 / 7.37 / Top heavy, tippy, de-slots easily, chatter

              21 / 114 / 7.124 / 7.48 / Top heavy, chatter, tippy, hard to push

              20 / 53 / 6.987 / 7.33 / Top heavy, tippy, de-slots easily, front end feels light

              19 / 11 / 6.914 / 7.05 / Smooth, quiet, easy driver

              18 / 3 / 6.473 / 6.60 / Quiet, feels light, can de-slot without warning

              17 / 7 / 6.401 / 6.50 / Some chatter, tails out, smooth driver

              16 / 10 / 6.363 / 6.45 / Fast, good balance, some chatter

              15 / 18 / 6.343 / 6.37 / Slight chatter, a little loose, predictable, smooth

              14 / 5 / 6.280 / 6.40 / Quiet, light, smooth, an de-slot without warning

              13 / 33 / 6.231 / 6.33 / Some chatter, tails out, fast

              12 / 16 / 6.220 / 6.29 / Tails out, quiet, good car

              11 / 2 / 6.198 / 6.30 ' Tails out, rear-weighted, fast on straights

              10 / 186 / 6.183 / 6.39 / Smooth, some chatter, de-slots suddenly

              9 / 8 / 6.156 / 6.19 / Smooth, slight chatter, tails out in corners

              8 / 46 / 6.125 / 6.25 / Super quiet, smooth, fast car

              7 / 19 / 6.108 / 6.28 / Quiet, smooth, little tippy, can bicycle

              6 / 35 / 6.098 / 6.18 / Little loose, some chatter, fast

              5 / 23 / 6.057 / 6.15 / Some chatter, fast, can push

              4 / 31 / 6.023 / 6.09 / Smooth, quiet, fast, slight chatter

              3 / 78 / 5.979 / 6.14 / Smooth, stable, fast

              2 / 43 / 5.957 / 6.06 / Smooth, quiet, predictable, fast

              1 / 40 / 5.919 / 6.05 / Smooth, quiet, tuned on this track

              If you want to watch this qualy before the race, then go to Post #5 on this thread and click on Scott's blue FB Live link.

              The race itself will be on Sunday, starting around 10:30AM EST. We'll also be videoing this Facebook Live. So, tune in and enjoy that race!

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                Thanks for the qualy qualy Allan and Bob. Very happy with my 6th place qual and looking forward to the race on Sunday. Congratulations ๐Ÿ‘ to the 5.9ers!
                Team SCANC
                Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                Leadfinger Raceway


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                  Hey how about the 6.0s 6.1s ... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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                Thanks for the qualifying run. 20th is a good spot for my car. Congratulations to the qualifying podium. Sorry this car is so hard to drive. Don't throw it against the wall on race day
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                Arrold Martin
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                • Audi1
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                  We won't, Arrold!. The 911's from MRRC (Monogram bodies) are high and narrow; not the ideal combination for speed; particularly when compared to their much lower and wider 914 brethren.
                  The same holds true for the Ford Cortinas and the BMW 2002. The Alfas are somewhere in between - high, but wider.


                • arroldn
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                  Yeah I was trying to get my Alfa in but was having issues with tire and wheel placements on the 3D chassis. Better luck in 2022.

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                Thanks guys for running the Q round . My car is being Constant all through the Proxy between 18 and 20th
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                  Thanks Allan and Bob and good luck to all for the last round!


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                    Thank you for hosting. Very nice track. And the video was awesome. I really enjoyed watching my car qualify. Hopefully it hangs in there for just one more race.

                    Looking forward to getting it back home so I can finally drive it a bit myself.


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                      Think I could use a little alcohol too. Not for me personally, but for #16 's tires.


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                        Originally posted by mseitz View Post
                        Think I could use a little alcohol too. Not for me personally, but for #16 's tires.
                        Yes me too please, my car has gone backwards, not that it had that far to go, steadily, and a tyre cleaning would be appreciated!
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