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Round 3 Mid BC

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  • Round 3 Mid BC

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    Mid BC and CgyRacer is our next stop! Mid BC is a challenging track that has several elevation changes and a straight long enough to stretch your legs.

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    Dariusz personally delivered the cars to Kelowna during his vacation. Seems like the population doubles at this time of year in tourist country. A few pictures of why many people travel here and it gets so hectic. Over 100 wineries, beaches, boating 100F heat!

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    • JTK
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      And there are 2 Okanogan hockey camps nearby.

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    • arroldn
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      Great looking layout.

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    I opened up the well packaged box this morning and placed the cars in no particular order on the track. I will take a peek at each car and then run a qualifying session on my home track MID-BC to see how well your beautiful cars run


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      WELL that as close to the front the # 3 car will ever be in these proxie.


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        Once again - that's a great looking track there, Rob. Really nice work on the diorama!

        Good luck to everyone in Round #3!



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          I ran the cars a couple of test laps today.

          Noddaz’s Mini as noticed by Edmonton the gear mesh was bad as a result of the motor constantly popping out of its mounts. I glued in the motor at the two mounts with a smear of shoe goo. Runs fine now.

          Dennis’s Datsun was stop and go then resulted in a blown fuse for the lane. The guide braids were shorting out against the brass chassis. The base of the guide is basically the same level as the brass chassis. So I did a simple fix of a thin layer of tape on the exposed portion of the brass chassis the braids touch. I think electrical tape might be too thick but clear scotch tape was thin enough. Let me know Dennis and Tony if this is Ok. The car ran great afterwards.


          Click image for larger version  Name:	02022CD1-59B9-49B3-87E8-F607A11B80B0.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.63 MB ID:	47423
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          • noddaz
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            Thank you for repairing my car. And I should save that first track picture. That is as close as it will ever be to the front!

          • Gascarnut
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            Please cover the brass with clear tape, thanks. Alternatively, just cut the braids a bit shorter so they don't hang over the back of the guide.

            This happens sometimes when the track has copper on top of the surface instead of braid recessed into the surface.

          • Brumos RSR
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            The tape fix will be ok as we did not see this as an issue in the first 2 rounds. But no modification of the braid please

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          Wow! Just beautiful! Looks like paradise. The pics of Kelowna aren't too shabby either.
          Team SCANC
          Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
          OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
          Leadfinger Raceway


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            When this is COVID-19 is over, I’m flying there for wine and slot cars.


            • Aloha
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              May I invite myself along? Aloha Dale

            • Brumos RSR
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              Dale, that would make it a party!!

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            Wonderful looking layout in the nations sweet spot. One of my favorite places to visit, and if wasn’t for the young grandkids, I would be living there. Wine and slotcars, what could be better. Copper Moon Malbec Is my wine of choice.

            Great photos showcasing a lot of Porsches.


            • Cgyracer
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              Very funny you say that re Copper Moon Malbec (nice deep dark red). Our very own Lez works at that winery as a Millwright.

              94F , 98F, and 100F next three days. That’s why MID-BC has no green grass!

            • JTK
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              Neat Cgyracer! I was a millwright in NYC until I was almost 30 years old. Maybe Lez could hire me when I retire and move to Kelowna. 🤓

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            yep summer is finally here in the NW..... 1st time in three years it been over 100 in nuts o land ak Portland Or /Vancouver Wash


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              Gentlemen, it was hot yesterday so it was a good day to qualify in air conditioning! Congratulations to RobNC for the Pole with a car that accelerated better than most plus a great drive with confidence. Audi1 has a perfect car too with a Thunderslot chassis that is very hooked up and will be a challenge to beat as well. Rounding out the top three is Leadfinger with a very nice car too you can drive with confidence.

              Congratulations to Courtney for the great non 914 and kudos to Gascarnut as well.

              I did have to repair Apexbombers car as it ran sluggish. It seems the putty weight that was used at some point during shipping started to become more viscous and ran onto the axle. I cleaned up the axle with my knife. Some pictures i took of the putty how it spread.


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                  Qualifying result pictures

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                    Best of the non 914’s. Courtney’s Datsun.

                    Click image for larger version

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