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2020 U2.0 Trams Am Proxy Scorekeeping

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  • 2020 U2.0 Trams Am Proxy Scorekeeping

    Gentlemen I have been asked by the new sherif if I can keep track of your Proxy scores. I hope you are ok with me for helping out even though I am not in this Proxy.
    I will try to be punctual with updating your scores when I can.

    I will be using the Group 5 and GT3 Proxy method of scoring.

    Bonus 2 points for Top Qualifier
    Point system 1st 30 points, 2nd 27 points, 3rd 25 points, 4th 24 points, 5th 23 points.........
    Worst Round is dropped
    There was some penalty points assessed by BrumosRSR. 1 point for no roll bar for a few racers and 3 points for a late entry by Beast Mode Lee.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FAB8A0B4-AD9C-480B-8736-CF9B94DE1BC1.png Views:	1 Size:	280.4 KB ID:	45246
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    Link to the spreadsheet on google sheets.

    * For the next round I’ll correct ALS’s car type to BMW on the spreadsheet
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      Thanks Rob!


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        Thank you Sir CgyRacer!


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          Thank you.


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            YES! A solid grip on.... Last place.
            Come on little Mini!
            Why doesn't my car run like that?



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              Gentlemen Round #2 Edmonton is in the books. Here is your overall standings after two rounds.

              Some movement at the top with BrumosRSR dropping to 3rd. Modernslots, Big Duhg & F1Fan all in a battle tied for 4th. RobNC is kissing his Top Qualifying two points this round as those valuable two points keeps RobNC in the lead over Leadfinger by two points. Who ever said Top Qualifying is only for show??


              Click image for larger version

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                Rob, thank you for handling the scoring. Nice to see a few cars between the dominant team SCANC cars. CourtneyS, Gascarnut and Doubl-B are leading the best of the rest. That #8 might have a SRC 914 under it the way it’s racing so far. GOOD LUCK next round
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                  I love the spread sheet thanks Rob and Tony I know it’s is your first time hosting but so far so good.


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                    Well at least so far I winning the 911 race Surprised to be ahead of Dogsbody.


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                      Wow! RobNC and Leadfinger off to a very strong start. BrumosRSR also on podium. And F1 Fan, Modernslots, Big Duhg, and Audi1 all in contention for a podium. This is going to be a very interesting series. I can't wait until the cars get to North Carolina. I'm especially anxious to see CourtneyS's 240Z. The only car in the top 10 standings that is not a 914. Also interested to see in Gascarnut's 510 and Double-B's Alfa. I'm wondering though, if it was a good idea to open the class up to the wide body 914s. They are definitely dominating. Still, the racing is intense!
                      Team SCANC
                      Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                      OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                      Leadfinger Raceway


                      • Brumos RSR
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                        The 914 running in the Trans Am U2.0 is a once in a life time thing. Kinda like the GT40 being allowed to run in the SCCA after many years of not being allowed. Maybe, given its popularity of the 914 it can have its own proxy.......

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                      Gentlemen here are the overall results after the third round at MID-BC.

                      A few comments on cars trending up....a big move by Audi1 to move into the #3 position from his #7 position he held previously. Another big move was Bug Duhg separating himself from the three way tie in the #4 position to be all alone in #4. Mseitz and CJ74 made big moves as well moving up three positions each.

                      RobNC in a good lead for first. This is what happens when you win two out of three races. Build up points in the beginning of a proxy and hope for the best!

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                      • arroldn
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                        Um Barc1 jumped ahead of me

                      • Doubl-B
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                        That’s a huge jump for Audi1 - Congrats Alan!

                      • Audi1
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                        Thanks for posting the score update, Rob. As far as I’m concerned, it looks pretty much like a 5-way tie for 3rd, with Apexbomber moving up as well.

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                      Only three points separating 3rd to 5th with four cars in that tight group.

                      Three way tie for 12th and several other cars in tight with this group too!

                      Next race might start to separate positions?!


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                        Your overall standings after Race #4 at Luckston Raceway. RobNC’s car is the real deal folks. After watching and driving that car, it is the perfect proxy car.....3 wins out of 4 races speaks for itself. Congratulations for your win.

                        Cortney awesome!


                        Click image for larger version

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                          Click image for larger version  Name:	5B73F93F-012C-4668-90BC-FC0EE111EA78.jpeg Views:	9 Size:	460.9 KB ID:	54052 Here is the overall standings after Race #5. This Proxy is rolling along at a great pace which definitely keeps the interest level high, thanks Steve for the Race.

                          From what I see the biggest move happened at the top where Leadfinger moved from 4th place to 2nd place leaping over Audi1 who had a four point cushion after Race #4. Very tight for a few cars there and in a few other spots.

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                          • Brumos RSR
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                            Rob thank you for the update after round 5. Wow the races with in the race are incredible!! 4 point between 2nd -4th a tie for 7th, a fight for 9th-11th. Aloha attempting to hold off Gascarnut and Double-B and a 5 car fight to finish inside the top 20. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the racing regardless of which race you are in. RobNC we are looking forward to the next round thank you