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Round 1 Edmonton Madonie

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  • Round 1 Edmonton Madonie

    Cars are on the way to Edmonton for our 1st round we should hear from Raderek after our cars clear customs.
    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)

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    cars are here. I have unboxed them yesterday and did a quick qualification. Great looking cars. Almost looks like SRC vs rest of the world. Two cars need attention before race... one has loose bushing #27 and #45 reverse connection. This will be repaired tonight. Tomorrow is a race day. Little Madonnie will be o first track. 90 feet long, 4 feet of elevation change. 3 lanes, 12volts separate power source for each lane, flat latex paint.

    Tony was curious about few cars sharing one chassis design... is working goooood...

    qualifications results:

    #27. DNS
    #45. DNS
    #20. 9.456. Front loose, guide to wobbly
    #4. 9.384. To much breaks, chatter, CG to high
    #65. 9.018. To much breaks, front can snap
    #114. 8.758. Front to loose, hard to make a lap
    #53. 8.536. CG to high, 2 wheels up when cornering
    #11. 8.385. To much breaks, chatter
    #13. 8.180. Rear loose, tires not trued
    #3. 8.039. Front loose
    #46. 8.021. Rear bit to loose
    #10. 7.888. To much of torque
    #35. 7.822. Can flip on occasion
    #8. 7.809. Great handling
    #5. 7.719. favourite, true spirit, can be pushed
    #19. 7.617. Front can snap
    #31. 7.600. Very good
    #33. 7.597. Great
    #78. 7.506. Just great
    #16. 7.47. Bit loose
    #7. 7.415. Rear bit loose
    #40. 7.409. Great
    #186. 7.326. Contender
    #43. 7.101. WOW
    #2. 7.061. WOW
    #23. 7.053. WOW

    Ron took some pictures... race tomorrow. Good luck builders

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    • Brumos RSR
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      Raderek, thank you for qualifying and starting off our proxy. Congrats to #23Leadfinger, #2 RobNC and I’m assuming #43 Modernslots based on the chassis of the top 2. Hopefully we will hear more about the
      SCANC chassis from one or more of the builders as it appears they are definitely on to something, but the race is just starting.

      Also congrats to the #5 Doubl-B #8 CourtneyS and #46 Gascarnut
      Remember, there are 2 categories for prizes.

      Penalties will be also be assessed with scoring. It’s 1 point for no rollbar or cage 3 points for late entry or missing tech. I did not want a rollbar to drastically affect the potential outcome of the proxy. Other than general tech, I did not check the polarity of cars so my apologies Raderek for the additional work.
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    What's wrong with #3 front end. What does front loose mean just so I know what I need to be looking for thanks
    THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
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    • radarek
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      Front lifts up at acceleration, especially when exiting corners. Sometimes it will go nicely through corner sometimes it will pop at even lower speed. Either to much of vertical movement(wobble) or not enough weight on the front. Sometimes braid is to stiff and works like a spring not letting the guide be fully engage.

    • docdoom
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      ok thanks go figure next to zero time testing with the car....

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    oh the axle has popped out once again, I hot glued over the top of the bushings to hold them in, should be an easy repair, sorry guys


    • radarek
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      Will look soon

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    I'm hoping the listed #44 as third fastest is really #43


    • Brumos RSR
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      I believe that is correct based on the chassis. Tell us more about the special PC board chassis of SCANC Werks.

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    I described it on the cars specs thread as best I can- it’s scratchbuilt epoxy with brass plates and an NSR F-1 motor pod


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        Thanks for running the qualy, Dariujsz and team! Congrats to the really fast top 3 - Leadfinger, RobNC and Modernslots!!

        Looking forward to today's race on the Little Madonnie.



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          Congratulations to fellow SCANC club members Leadfinger and RobNC for first and second in qualifying! With me in 3rd and Apexbomber (with a 3-D chassis) in 4th and MSeitz in 6th and Fast Co. in 14th, the SCANC team is off to a fast start for sure.
          But lots of racing to go to say the least.


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            Thanks for the qualifying run. Thought for sure I set my front end similar to others. Maybe that's the area I need to start with as I try to improve my rubber tire proxy performance.

            Good luck to all today!


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              Radarek, thanks for the qualifying and hats off to those SCANC entries. Wow I was afraid that my #53 would suffer from the high CG. But 2 years ago when Dogsbody qualified on the podium I said give it a shot. I see his car also struggled on this track with the high CG. When this class is run in 2 years I should have 2 options ready to go and just hope they can compete with the 914. But you know what some say, "If you can't beat them, join them." Looking forward to the season.
              Arrold Martin
              Nashville TN


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                Thanks for the Q Rounds Good Luck to all Builders


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                  Radarek please extend our appreciation to all for the qualifying. Good luck to all.


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                    Thanks for hosting. Hopefully my car will perform better on 10v tracks.


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                      Hmm, from 2nd (?) in last years series (the one race that was run) to 4th from the bottom this year. Everyone else stepped up their game...