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**Racing Update on Tracks****

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  • **Racing Update on Tracks****

    Gentlemen, in order to stay safe and use social distancing where hosts are
    comfortable, we will start with Dariuz and Edmonton hosting 2-3 races with their club followed by CGYracer. Other tracks confirmed but order to be determined, Audi 1 and SCANC. SCANC maybe able to host 2
    races also. I will be intouch other host regarding their state madates, the ability to Social Distance and most important their personal comfort factor.
    So currently, we have between 5-7 races confirmed and we will continue to make adjustments accordingly to complete the season or shorten if necessary. If your car is not here this upcoming week for tech, a penalty will be assessed as I plan to ship on the 13th.

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    Well my thoughts on the matter if we don't see a large number of covid19 cases in the next two weeks after all these protests we had in the last week. 10 guys getting together to race should not be a big problem.


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      I feel like Payton Manning calling audibles as we know the left coast tracks are not spaced enough for distancing or the states are shut down. After CgyRacer hosts our cars, they will head to Sir Lexan Lez for a round and then off to SCANC for 2 rounds. I will keep you posted on happenings after SCANC


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        Thanks for doing it, Brumos!

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      That makes 7 Rounds and we could do a "reverse course" racer here at the River Run to make it a total of 8. I'm not sure if Southern Connecticut will be open by that time, but if they are, then there's also a possibility of a couple of Rounds there. Also, I think that Clover Leaf Racing is up and running now and Butch (Pappy) has a new track under construction that could be a possibility. So, all in all, considering the very unusual situation that we are facing in 2020, I'd say that Tony's doing a great job for us!



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        Shore liners with help from Doubl-B, will run 2 rounds for us after SCANC.


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          That's great Tony! Thanks for keeping this proxy going.
          Team SCANC
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          OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
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