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Trans-Am U2 Proxy - car delivery due week of June 1st and payment May 15th *

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  • Trans-Am U2 Proxy - car delivery due week of June 1st and payment May 15th *

    This gives a month and a half to see where we are with COVID-19. I will
    tech cars and then send to our first host IF ITS SAFE TO DO SO. If it is not safe a week prior to June 1st. I will postpone the Proxy until a later date to be determined after checking in with track hosts. Payment will not be due until you ship your car. Those that have paid in advance if we postpone a refund will be given.

    Brumos RSR
    Last edited by Audi1; April 18, 2020, 08:31 AM.

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    Sounds like a great plan Tony thanks


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      Thanks Tony!


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        Sounds like a good plan to me.



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          great plan, thanks Tony


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            Very good decision Tony. I suspect the demographics of HRW members puts many in the danger zone, and I for one am not going anywhere near the local Post Office for some time.



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              This sounds great to me! Hold shipping until further notice.

              Of course I understand the "real" reason for this. Mini Cooper domination.

              But are you scared of my Mini racing, or are you scared of racing my Mini?

              And I just realized this gives me time to buy a 914.

              Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                I asked for everyone to confirm their builds a few weeks ago as SRC needed a firm number of 914s to determine what they would do way of prizes. Feel free to make the change.


                • Audi1
                  Audi1 commented
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                  Looks like 15 out of 30 - or half the field - could be higher as some have still not designated a car; at least not on the Rules & Registration thread.

                • noddaz
                  noddaz commented
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                  I am sticking with the Mini.

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                One might ask the question if this U2 Trans-Am or Porsche vs Porsche?


                • JTK
                  JTK commented
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                  I've been eyeing that Porsche for quite while. This proxy gave the perfect excuse.

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                My local post office isn't doing any mail to USA, I'll double check on one near work and see if they are, might take a while to get there with all this covid stuff going on.


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                  It's only right under the circumstances not to penalize you for this assuming your intent ( I know it it is) is to have your car here prior to the deadline. Assuming the car was shipped on time, ( postage will show) I will have a solution to determine your ranking.


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                    The mighty Cortina is on it's way to the USA, don't know how long it's going to take to get there but hopefully on time.


                    • Brumos RSR
                      Brumos RSR commented
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                    My car is on it's way.


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                      mine too....


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                        Tony - Paypal sent.
                        I've changed to a Porsche 914.