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2020 U2.0 Trans Am Proxy Rules and Registration

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  • 2020 U2.0 Trans Am Proxy Rules and Registration


    Racer / Car / Number / Registratio Fee Paid / Car Received

    1 Brumos RSR #33 Porsche 914. *PAID. ARRIVED

    2 Audi1 #40 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    3 ALS #65. BMW 2002. PAID ARRIVED

    4 CJ74 #25. Paid. ARRIVED

    5 Arroldn #9 caRTBD. Paid ARRIVED

    6 Redlynr #19 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    7 Mitch58 #. 11Porsche 914 *PAID. ARRIVED

    8 Dogsbody #4 Porsche 911 PAID. ARRIVED

    9 Doubl B #5. Alfa. PAID. ARRIVED

    10 Gascarnut # 46 Datsun 510. PAID. ARRIVED

    11 Austin #53 VW. PAID

    12 Fast co. #35 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    13 Glasshorsevh #67 Anglia. *PAID

    14 Beast Lee #13 Porsche 914 *PAID

    15 ZackM #18 Alfa. PAID

    16 Pepsi 62 # 27 Cortina ARRIVED

    17 Doc Doom #3 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    18 Eightwheels#. WITHDRAWN

    19 Sir F1 Fan #7. Porsche 914 PAID. ARRIVED

    20 Leadfinger # 123Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    21 Aloha #. Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    22 JTK # 10 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    23 BIG Duhg #78 Porsche 914. PAID ARRIVED

    24 Noddaz #45 Mini. PAID. ARRIVED

    25 Barc1 #20 Porsche 911. PAID. ARRIVED

    26 Mseitz # 16 Porsche 914 PAID. ARRIVED

    27 ApexBomber # 186 Porsche 914. PAID. ARRIVED

    28'CortneyS #8 240 Z PAID ARRIVED

    29 Modernslots #. 43 Porsche 914. ARRIVED

    30 RobNC #. 2 Porche 914. PAID. ARRIVED
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    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)

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    I'm in. Car and # TBD.


    • Brumos RSR
      Brumos RSR commented
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      Car arrived passed tech

  • #3
    In with #9 Camaro...
    Steve G
    Detroit Suburbia


    • Audi1
      Audi1 commented
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      Can't go that way, Steve. It's a "U2" year, not an "O2" year.

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    The link to Historic TA Cars didn't work. Any chance you can post the list of cars on the Forum. I know the Porsche 911 was one but I'm not pleased with the one I sent for the SCCA Proxy. Now I did find another chassis that looks like it might be able to give it a better chance. But I would like to know other options.

    Oh forgot to mention I'm in So is Redlynr running a six cylinder Camero? Maybe I can find a Slant-six Dart or Barracuda
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    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


    • Audi1
      Audi1 commented
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      U2 cars this time around, gents! Think Alfas, Porsche 911's, etc.

  • #5
    Thanks for picking this proxy up, Tony!

    We'll try to get a list of eligible cars posted asap.

    I'm in:

    Alfa - #44.

    Last edited by Audi1; January 13, 2020, 07:31 AM.


    • Brumos RSR
      Brumos RSR commented
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      Love the # Allan

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    Count me in 65


    • #7
      Count me in, car and # TBD


      • #8
        #4 911 for me. And I'd like to host a round here in Colorado towards the end of the series. Got a 3 lane routed version of Catalunya to run on.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Brumos RSR
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          I still love that car and it's fast!!!

        • Brumos RSR
          Brumos RSR commented
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          Car arrived. I recognized the address😄

      • #9
        I'm in - Nbr. 5 - car tbd


        • #10
          Darn, both my favorite numbers gone already! So, #3 for me please, and it will be an Alfa Romeo.
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          Dennis Samson

          Scratchbuilding is life
          Life is scratchbuilt


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            Count me in. Since I have not participated in the T/A proxy in past years and you will have a number of returning racers who may want to continue with their race numbers. I'll take whatever number is available after the veterans have registered. I'm leaning towards a Porsche 911, but don't hold me to that.
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              I am in for sure, love the U2 cars. #53
              VW super bug please
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              Merrimack, NH


              • arroldn
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                Dang Austin that was going to become my permanent number aka Brumos.

              • Brumos RSR
                Brumos RSR commented
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                Seemed to be a Smokieo, Raderek and Barc 1 thing. Keeps it easy for me to remember who's racing. Same with the color, I'm horrible at painting and it's hard to mess up silver.
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            • #13
              I will be in with a #67 Ford Anglia, but finding rubber tires for it that will be anywhere near competitive will be daunting. Is there a reason why these proxy’s are no longer allowing urethane?



              • Audi1
                Audi1 commented
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                Yes, based on experience, urethane and rubber don't play well together. Urethane is constantly "sanding" itself on the track and leaving dust which is picked up by the rubber tire cars, reducing their traction. It's best to keep the tire playing field as level as possible and the only way that you can do that is to go with one type of tire; rubber, urethane or silicone - but not a mix.

              • Brumos RSR
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                Thunderslot tires will fit tightly on a 14.3-14.8mm wheel as well as the fronts.

              • glasshorsevh
                glasshorsevh commented
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                Looks like PSR has some wheels and rubber that will fit small saloon cars in case anyone is looking for Such.... PCS Scalextric Replica F1/Saloon Small Wheels, Tyres & Inserts. I have had good results with their rubber tires before, so the complaining stops here.

            • #14
              I'd like #13 and it will be the Capri I entered previously...


              • Brumos RSR
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                There may be a few more Capris this year. I had a collection of Matchbox Capris as a kid, I loved em.
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            • #15
              #18 Alfa Romeo



              • Brumos RSR
                Brumos RSR commented
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                Wise choice as they are the Thunderslots of U2