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2019 Trans-Am Proxy - Rules & Registration Thread

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  • 2019 Trans-Am Proxy - Rules & Registration Thread

    Here are the Rules for he 2019 Trans-Am Proxy - migrated over here to the new site for easier reference.

    Here are your Rules of O2 cars for the 2019 TransAm Proxy. Essentially, they are the 2018 Rules; tailored for the single O2 class.


    This proxy pays tribute to the glory days of the Trans-Am racing series. As such, the goal is to race Over 2.0/2.5 liter motor displacement (O2) cars that appear as scale representations of cars that raced or could have raced in the Trans-Am racing series during the 1966-1972 seasons. Accurate reproductions of real cars are encouraged; however, fantasy liveries are allowed and may utilize any paint and decals as long as they have racing numbers (on doors, hood, trunk) and look period correct. If you are unsure of how these cars looked, please visit this site: Historic T/A Series Cars and realize they had minimal sponsorship decals and decoration until the 1970 season.

    This proxy series does have some minimum rules to ensure fun is had by all newcomers and seasoned proxy racers. They are setup to allow a box-stock car to be tuned to run competitively with scratch built cars. PLEASE READ THESE THOROUGHLY!

    Concours Event:

    The first event at The River Run will have a Concours judging event. This event is an important and fun part of this proxy race because it recognizes the efforts and model-making of each entry and recognizes the raw beauty of these cars in 1/32 scale. Please make every effort to make your car look like it would have back in the day!!! There are lots of places to do research!

    The Concours will be voted upon by the volunteer drivers that will be attending the first race at The River Run. The cars will be judged on paint and appearance, assembly, realism, and their vintage flair.

    Race Format:

    Finishing order for each round of the proxy race and the entire series will be determined by total distance covered. This is based on laps driven within a set amount of time.

    A minimum of 3 minutes racing time per car per lane is required at each host track.

    Each car is to be raced in a fair and equal manner and subject to the same track conditions. Lane and driver rotations to be determined by track host. Track voltage will be set at 10-12 volts and shall be equal for all cars.

    Classes: This will be a single class series; only O2 cars will race in 2019

    Tracks: This series will run upon 10 tracks in the USA/Canada.

    Costs: The costs are going to be $25 per car. Payment will be due on January 1, 2019. Only one entry per racer. Payments should be made via PayPal to:
    [email protected]

    Prizes: There WILL be prizes awarded TBD at this time!

    Schedule: Cars will be due at The River Run no later than March 15, 2019. The official schedule - Tracks and anticipated Timing - will be posted as the host tracks are identified.

    Shipping address for cars is:

    Allan Jarvis
    46 River Road
    Merrimac, MA 01860

    Inspection and Repairs: A running inspection of cars is to be made before and after each race. Cars may be cleaned, lubricated and tires sanded or scuffed as needed. The only tire cleaning allowed is tape rolling and non-chemical liquids such as water. Minor adjustments may be made prior to the car being raced it without penalty. If a car breaks during a race the track host may repair that car but the car will have a 3 lap penalty assessed against it. If a major repair is required, the track host can contact the car's owner to determine if the damaged car will be sent home for repair between races. This will be done at the car owner's expense. Car is to be forwarded to the next event also at the owner's expense.

    Proxy Rules:

    Eligible Cars: 1966-1972 Over 2.0 liter (O2) cars that participated in the Series: SEE LIST Provided! If you have questions about a particular car that is not clear, then post your question to this thread.


    Bodies must be injection molded or resin cast in 1/32 scale.
    Lightweight interiors allowed, but must be 3 dimensional and painted to show drivers head, shoulders, arms, steering wheel and dash, and a roll bar.
    Car owner name must be noted on underside of car.
    Car numbers need to be unique. so choose your number when you register. Cars may be re-numbered without re-painting the body (one number over another is OK, as long as it look authentic)
    Tires must be fully under the fenders. Tires may NOT project beyond body work when viewed from above. Bodies may be realistically flared if proven the car ran that way in T/A from 1966-1972. Group 5-type flaring is NOT permitted.
    Clear window material must be present on both windshield and rear window at a minimum and may be vacuum formed.
    Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography prior to the first race, and to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.


    Chassis may be stock, aftermarket, scratch built, or 3D printed.
    Podded chassis are allowed.
    Any motor configuration: IL, SW or AW
    Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface (not rails), on level track, by 1.5mm minimum.
    Guide must be entirely under body, and NOT visible when viewed from above.
    Traction magnets are NOT permitted.
    Bearing-type of axle bushings are NOT permitted.
    Body Mounting: All chassis MUST be mounted like an RTR car - meaning screws through the chassis to body mounting points and no pins THROUGH the body, Velcro, etc. However, a chassis with side mounts such as the HRS can be used - as long as the pins do NOT go through the body.


    ANY aftermarket gears and ratios of your choice may be used.


    Any FC-130/S-can or FK-180 long can motor up to 21.5k in RPM is permitted / there is no torque spec.. This will allow for the new Scalextric motors as well as the Piranha, and NSR. NOTE: We are aware that motors that may list at a particular RPM can come in higher or lower. Therefore, if the motor is MANUFACTURER RATED at or below 21.5k RPM - it qualifies for this proxy.
    Motors may not be opened; only stock motors as the come from the manufacturer are allowed.


    ONLY Rubber or Urethane Tires permitted with no chemicals or oil applied.
    Nail polish or clear coating of front tires is NOT permitted.
    Tires are NOT permitted to be wider than 11.0 mm as measured inner-to-outer sidewall.


    ANY Plastic or aluminum wheels NOT larger than 15mm x 8.5mm may be used.
    Wheels must have period inserts or look reasonably period for the car - no BBS or blank aluminum wheels please.


    If you would like to host - please contact Audi1 here on the forum. You must be a member in good standing before we can consider you. This is to protect both HRW, the Proxy itself, as well as the car owner. We do not wish to have cars potentially disappear and never be shipped back as well as to ensure the hosts run the races to the best of their abilities.

    HOST Responsibilities:

    You will need to provide pictures of the following during your host round:
    Pictures of the full field of cars on your track, if possible
    Pictures of the top three winners on your track (the start/finish line is a great idea)
    A spreadsheet or equivalent data sheet of the results sent to Audi 1 within 24 hours of the actual race so official updates can be made

    That's it - any questions/comments, please post them to this thread.


    IMPORTANT: As some of you know, last year's TransAm proxy was cut short thanks to our friends in the USPS. Because all of the O2 cars were returned to their builders after the first Round, we're going to give Registration preference for the first two weeks; until mid-November, to those racers who submitted an O2 car to the 2018 series. Those who want to be new O2 racers in this 2019 series will be put on a Waiting List and, as of November 16, if there are still spots (and there definitely will be) then you will be added to the roster on a first-come/first served basis. We're sorry if this is offensive to any of the new racers, but in fairness to those who built a car for last year's series only to have it returned to them; in many cases damaged by the handling that the shipping box got in the mail, it seems like the right thing to do


    1. Audi1 - '70 Camaro / #79 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    2. Aloha - '70 Camaro / #7 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    3. Arrold - Barracuda / #89 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    4. Austin - '70 Firebird / #8 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    5. BrumosRSR - TBD / #33 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    6. eightwheels - Javelin / #68 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    7. glasshorsevh - Barracuda / #29 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    8. leadfoot46 - '69 Camaro / #19 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    9. Pepsi62 - Mustang / #81 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    10. radarek - TBD / #11 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    11. Dodgefarmer - Challenger / #77 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    12. midagekid1 - TBD / #152 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    13. Sh0wtym37 - ‘70 Camaro / #28
    14. BARC 1 - '69 Camaro / #20 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    15. mseitz - Mustang / #22 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    16. steeveew - '69 Camaro / #6 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    17. Doubl-B - Camaro / #TBD [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    18. lancelotalove - TBD / #24 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    19 redlynr - '70 Camaro / #9 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    20. dogsbody - '68 Camaro / #13 [PAID] [RECEIVED
    21. cj47 - '70 Mustang / #61 [PAID] RECEIVED]
    22. 4424ever - Barracuda / #1 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    23. docdoom - '69 Camaro / #78 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    24. CARacing - Boss Mustang / #74 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    25. SRQSlotter - '69 Mustang / #41
    26. ALS - Camaro / #63 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    27. gascarnut - '70 Camaro / #4 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    28. smokeio - Mustang / #70 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    29. Duke7777- '66 Corvair / #64 [PAID] [RECEIVED]
    30. DRW21 - '70 Camaro / #5 [PAID]

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