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Round #7 - TransAm

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  • Round #7 - TransAm

    The plan is to run Round #7 of the TransAm Proxy in Edmonton today at their new track. Dariusz (radarek) is having some issues posting to this new forum, so I will try to help out and get the info/results posted here as quickly as I can. if I can't make it work, then I will post them to the old board and work out the bugs later.

    Stay tuned!!


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    Thank you Allan. Good luck Dariuz and team


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      Let's go Racing


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        get her done. good luck to all
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          we are dying to see how the round went....
          THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
          Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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            Radarek's comment copied from the HRW old forum:

            Hello guys

            Long time not seen but here we are...

            Sorry for lack off information, can't figure it out new website for the forum so back here I'm posting the results....

            We have run the proxy yesterday. Lets start from the beginning.... cars arrived with a little damage to the box. Cardboard was punctured in 2 places and isolation was broken although no visible damage to the cars were observed... Tom have picked up his car and replaced tires so gears are not dragging on the track any more - as per rules penalty need to be applied but that I'm leaving to the authorities. This time no qualifications, we run the cars in the general standing order. Saturday 5 of us showed up to the track. Tom, Leon and Bill did the driving, me and Art took computer and marshaling duties. Race was done on our new track The Dominator...113' routed track. Flat paint and braid. We run on 3 lanes so the cars could show all they have. Long 24 straight for some drag racing if 2 or 3 cars approached it in the same time lol... lots of gain could be taken on this straight. And there were some pretty fast cars...all cars were drivable. No car had a single problem. Only a couple of deslots were observed and never in the same spot. Some close battles but only one tie... we have split our track to 100 sections so we are quite accurate with final standing

            So here are the results

            1. #11/ 50.90 laps home track...
            2. #79/ 50.50 laps great car all around
            3. #70/ 50.35 laps lots of gain on straight
            4 #44/ 49.95 laps great on rails
            5. #22/ 49.75 laps
            6. #72/ 49.65 laps
            7. #24/ 49.20 laps
            8. #78/ 48.90 laps
            9. #6/ 48.60 laps
            10. #19/ 48.35 laps
            11. #77/ 48.20 laps
            12. #4/ 47.70 laps
            13. #81/ 47.15 laps ave.11.465
            14. #64/ 47.15 laps ave.11.472
            15. #7/ 46.65 laps
            16. #33/ 46.30 laps lots of chatter
            17. #61/ 45.20 laps
            18. #1/ 44.60 laps
            19. #15/ 43.85 (3 lap penalty for repair before the race, was 46.85)
            20. #48/ 43.45 laps
            21. #20/ 43.20 laps
            22. #63/ 43.05 laps
            23. #68/ 42.50 laps
            24. #8/ 42.45 laps
            25. #13/ 42.05 laps
            26. #67/ 41.45 laps
            27. #74/ 39.70 laps

            Some pictures to follow soon


            Last edited by lance; October 22, 2019, 12:52 AM. Reason: apply 3 lap penalty for #15 and arrange placing accordingly.
            Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


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              Thanks Lance, I just went to do the same thing and saw your post!

              Congrats to #11 Dariusz (radarek) and #70 Mike (smokeio) on their podium finishes!

              That 113 ft Dominator is quite the slot car track and with a straight of 24 ft - that's almost a drag strip within a slot car road course....!!

              One correction, #15 had repairs performed before the start of the race and, therefore, has a 3 lap penalty for this Round, so total laps for the #15 are 43.85, placing it, I think, in 19th position. Lance, could you please edit your post to reflect that and move the appropriate cars below it up one place in the standings? We need to have the finish order right so that Todd can run the series totals. Thanks.

              I'll try to post the pics now, but this will be an experiment as I have not posted pics to this new forum yet...………….. stay tuned...………..

              Last edited by Audi1; October 21, 2019, 07:23 AM.


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