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  • Repairs/Mods/Adjustments

    Any repairs or mods that need to be performed will be posted here.

    All parts are at no cost.

    If it is body damage? I will do my best to repair without compromising the look of the model.

    Anything that severe I will contact you through PM for permission.

  • #2
    Tear em up and bag n tag em!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


    • #3
      If you can't fix it, That's OK, Just send home all the pieces.
      Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


      • #4
        Mr. Pearson: tire change on the #1 Mod. Will true on the Razor.


        • #5
          I guess not seeing my car in here will be a good thing!


          • #6
            Ooooooo wellll....ya see....ummm...

            Kidding. So far so good. Little too fast. I'll just lubricate these bushings with CA...see what we can do.


            • ZackM
              ZackM commented
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              I hope its too fast!

          • #7
            Ya know, Harry, this would be an excellent forum category. For decades senior HRW chaps have answered questions and suggested solutions to problems, but almost always it is when a question is asked directly, and seldom outside of 1/32nd, 1/24th, or Bench Racing. How about a "Repairs/Mods/Adjustments" in addition to the "Garage" we already have, or maybe a sub-topic inside Garage? These things evolve on their own, and since Garage seems to get less attention than it should, this title might help organize things a bit. Going back over years of the giant 1/32nd category to find someone's good idea is tedious, when that good idea should have been in Garage anyway. See what you think.


            • #8
              Good idea sir! Your are our sage!


              • #9
                Harry, you will notice my Modified is running my homemade crown gear still. It was tuned and is quieter then the last race though. Scratchbuilt gears are not something you see, or wanna see everyday, LOL.


                • dw5555
                  dw5555 commented
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                  Is it made from Legos??? LOL

              • #10
                Not this time, but now you got me thinking