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  • Man talk about fries

    With the pandemic still limiting things my wife and I haven't eaten out in about a year. We do get take out food once or twice a week. There's not a lot available in our small town so that tends to mean pizza, sub sandwiches, or burgers. The McDonalds across from the Walmart we go grocery shopping at once a week is a frequent destination, especially while the McRib sandwich was available.

    Yesterday we brought burger combo meals home and as usual my wife immediately went into the bag and started eating fries even though she hadn't ordered any. We all know when the woman in our life says no thanks regarding fries, that means they intend to eat most of yours's and then claim all they had to eat was a burger. My wife and I were having a humorous discussion about this yesterday when it occurred to me that there's something important missing from fast food menus - restraining orders for things like fries. For a slight extra fee the person ordering fries gets a restraining order that requires the named party (girlfriend or wife) to maintain a proper distance from that item.

    In this case saying "I only had a few" (complete lie) won't prevent the guilty party from being held accountable.

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    You learn after years to get the extra large size.
    Matt B
    So. In


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      Yep lol!

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    Saginaw Valley Raceway
    Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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      ALWAYS order the extra huge size! I've also found some freebies in my bag from the late night drive through window. Guess some of the fast food places are trying to keep good vibes with the customers they still have. More than once, and from more than one franchise (B. King, Wendy's, ect.), I've ordered two sandwiches and found that they were only two for 5 bucks!
      Enjoy the food, guys... and keep those greasy fingers off the controllers! -- Ernie


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        My wife says "you have to eat the fries while they're hot". Since she always wants me to drive my reply is "If you keep the bag closed till we get home I might actually get to do that".

        This is a bigger topic than it may seem. After all, it wasn't Adam who ate the apple from the tree of forbidden fruit was it? Nuff said.


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          Your wife is right slothead. That's why I eat 'em on the way home and my wife gets the leftovers. Lol