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MCCR and WAAM speedway

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  • MCCR and WAAM speedway

    Since I haven’t posted pictures in some time now I thought I would update every one on the slotcave
    Click image for larger version

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    This is Mead Creek Competition Roadcourse it’s a Scaley two lane just under 50 feet. Power is supplied buy a homemade power supply with each lane separate adjustable voltage and 3 amps per lane. Timing is Laptimer 2000 with a light bar and controlled by Professor Motor commercial diode controllers. The current track record is 4.587 / 15 V with a Scaley MG Lola, yup a Scaley, I must have got a good one the sucker flies 😲

    On the other side of the room since there was an odd sized inset in the wall and HRW influences involved I decided to build a cheap oval to try out. Well it’s getting close to 10 years old now and still going strong
    Click image for larger version

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    This is WAAM speedway it’s named after my late father-in-law William Alvin Arthur Martin, an avid dirt track racer in the flathead division and multiple track champion
    The track is 11’3”X3’3” with 4 lanes copper tapped and action packed . Power is supplied to each lane separate with a recycled Xbox power supply through a custom voltage regulator giving 12V at 3amps per lane ( we run at 10v ). Controllers are Parma but soon to be updated with ProfessorMotor. The track is fitted with a light bar and Laptimer 2000 . Lap times can dip well into the low 2sec range but the coolest part about the timer on this track is the lap count, we put 4000 laps on this track one nite what a hoot
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    Peterborough Ont

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    Looking good, that is how a man cave should look


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      Looks like a great slot cave for sure! Nice use of elevation on the road course, looks like a fun pair of tracks.
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        really cool!


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          I really like the seats mounted on the rims and tires


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            Both look like fun tracks. I have four of the MG Lolas, three are fast, one lags, no matter what. I will get around to fixing it one day.


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              Great. running at lower voltage is a really good idea. Unrealistic speed really ruins racing on a smaller track. Nothing wrong with cars running slower and making the racing better.

              I like the old Monogram Hotshot Midget Racers. They can be fun to race, but not at high speed on my big track. Put them at a little lower voltage on a 10-12 foot oval and they would be great.
              Matt B
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                That is a MAN cave!!We too like the wheel seats!!
                Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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                  Right on...Hopefully Ill have an oval one day as well. Well thats the plan anyways lol
                  Chris Rhynold