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My first hillclimb

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  • My first hillclimb

    I wanted to give it a try for very long,finally I found time to build it.Since it has to be easily transported,and will be stored in a covered but open area therefore has to be light and with stand humidity.The solution I found was styrofoam.I had already experimented with a couple of special stages,one single board(250 X60 cm) each .The big issue was if I would be able to bend the board.Which I succeded.I used a single board for this one too because I wasnt sure if bonding 2 pieces would be strong enough.I used pva glue and pu foam which worked quite well.Unfortunately I did not think of taking photos in the proccess but I shot a short video from the firat run.First impressions:

    -ground clearence has to be at least 1.5

    -BREAKS ,the first car that touched the track ended on the floor at the end of the downhill section

    -sprung guide or drop arm a must

    -guard rails and walls have to be added

    Planning for the next one,this time I will shoot hpotos and it will be more car friendly

    For the time being here is a short video

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      Nice work - a great example of using space (and materials) efficiently. Thank you for sharing.

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    Very cool - how did you cut the slot in the foam?


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      Agreed, a great example of slot materials being varied....there was a SLOP proxy a few years ago with really interesting material usage.
      Well done.
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        Very nice!!!
        Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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          Originally posted by waxgroove
          Very cool - how did you cut the slot in the foam?
          Using an old soldering iron,i replaced the tip with a 2mm brass rod shaped triangular(well, approximately).I moved the iron slowly in rder to give time to the foam to melt and set,in thisway the walls of the slot become hard otherwise theyremain soft and get dented the first time a car slides too much


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            Looking good!