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  • Spotted Cow Speedway

    ​ After years of neglect, I am attempting to resurrect my track. It’s 4 x 16 Scaley

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    Um no pictures


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      Click image for larger version

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        Named for the bovine or the beer?


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          Named for the Beer!!!

          As a Wisconsinite transplanted to Minnesota, the beer is unobtainable, unless I import in from visiting friend/relatives or make a road trip.

          The name was inspired by one of my Thursday nite racing buds, as we partook in Spotted Cows as we raced and tinkered with the track.

          It's a road course, but plan to add a 4 x 16' oval. The bovines were added by my wife track manager, and inspired by Curly at DRW. The cattle may find themselves in a trailer race......

          Thanks for looking.

          Brian (MNFordguy)


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            ​ Here are additional pics of the track and unusually organized bench area. Snow and cold have indicated it’s Slot season


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              Yay Spotted Cow!
              If ya need a hand with anything Brian, lemme know. Happy to come over and help.
              Also, happy to have you come visit if you just wanna run for awhile too.
              Come Race at The Trace!
              Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                Brian, a breath of inspiration! Your track name made me smile. I have been searching for a track name since we built ours last year. I am totally ripping off your theme. We are not WI natives but live 10 miles south of the border. It is a short 15 mile drive to the IGA in Clinton, WI to stock up on my favorite. This fall our track will be christened:

                Moon Man Motorsports Park

                Click image for larger version

Name:	EF4278C1-F346-4BD7-BDCD-0F8E553C650E.jpeg
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                Spotted Cow Speedway has a better ring to it, but you beat me to it👍

                Our track was taken down to replace basement carpet. Reconstruction commences next week. Pictures of M3P to follow.



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                  Hey Bruce....Glad you like the track and are a fan of “the cow”. Moon man is my favorite. I used the actual bottle labels to make decals for the walls and signage. Now I need to get rollin on scenery


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           about The Point?
                    Beer and root beer.