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Allenbrook gets a new look

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  • Allenbrook gets a new look

    Click image for larger version

Name:	94114194_10220260704802366_4184576328571289600_o.jpg
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ID:	33600 With all of this time on my hands I decided it was time to start landscaping. At this point I've got it carved into the general shape I was looking for. Now to cover it with plaster, then cloth, then more plaster. With all of the foam down the track sure is quiet now. Click image for larger version  Name:	93551155_10220260701722289_6607521144369053696_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	234.3 KB ID:	33596Click image for larger version  Name:	93797127_10220260703802341_8741871843234807808_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	259.1 KB ID:	33598Click image for larger version  Name:	94017594_10220260706002396_1713766331347632128_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	385.8 KB ID:	33599

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    with the pink foam i would just hit with a rat file to give it some surface texture and the paint it with base paint color green for grass and tan for the dirt ect and then put down your landscaping grass and such. that what I did with my pink foam. they spray foam will need the plaster cloth. but yea that is looking like it is coming along there mitch.
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      Dundee Speedway is scheduled for a total re-do so will be be watching for ideas and inspiration!!

      Dundee Denny


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        I haven't worked on any scenery for Shelby-Hendrix Speedway yet but know that when I do it will greatly enhance my racing experience. Part of the problem is I enjoy racing on the track and resist putting down the controller in favor of a paint brush, foam, and screening. That might be easier if I had a clear vision what I wanted the track to look like when the scenery was added. I know I want it to resemble a track located in the northwest with big trees, rocky outcrops, and valleys. But, I don't have a firm grasp on the specifics and how to make this ill-defined vision come to fruition.

        If I were even marginally artistic I could come up with some sketches to work from, but that's a skill I lack. Keeping an eye on this and other similar projects should help me be able to itemize steps to move forward.


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          For an alternative to foam blocks, screen and plaster methods, check out Woodland Scenics Shaper sheets. A bit pricey, but I loved using them on my track scenery. Basically very thick aluminum foil sheet with a fiber coating kinda like a q-tip. Crinkle and bend into desired shapes. No need for supports like screen. Cover with a thin coat of their light weight plaster and paint or brush with their pigmented washes to get desired appearance. I have zero artistic talent and even I got a good result. Biggest advantages are less messy and much quicker than the old way.
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            That looks pretty slick! Will have to look for those sheets to check them out!

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          Looks great. Your rock formations looks really natural.


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            Great job Mitch. Keep us posted on your progress.



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              The base coat is finished. Click image for larger version

Name:	94568615_10220312445935862_2150277936542908416_o.jpg
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ID:	34890 We are going to start detail painting the rock faces today. Being a bit colorblind I've been waiting for my wife's help


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                Mitch58 Any progress on the landscraping?


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	20200604_123046.jpg
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ID:	39853Click image for larger version

Name:	20200604_123053.jpg
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                    Looks cool! Good job!
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                  Yeah, a bit Click image for larger version

Name:	20200604_123102.jpg
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                    Very well done. I was going to suggest a pit area outside the last turn to the right of the driver's stations, then I saw your cabinet full of cars on the wall. Those of us who've been bitten by the slot car bug know no amount of 'pit area' will be enough for long 'cause they keep making cars and parts to make cars out of.


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                      We also run the occasional club race as well as a few proxies through here So I tried to keep it from getting too cluttered, and made plans to not get too much in the way of the corner marshals.


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                        I apologize if I missed it somewhere, but what is the footprint of this beautiful work of art?



                        • Mitch58
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                          The main table is 6'-6"X13', that leg in the back juts out 3'x4'. Total lap length is just under 70'

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                        Mitch - the track turned out super!


                        • Mitch58
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                          Thanks Dave. Have you started a new one yet?