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A Message From Our Sponsors: Track Guardrail Banners

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  • A Message From Our Sponsors: Track Guardrail Banners

    Hey guys,

    I'm primarily a rug racer these days - running Scalextric Sport Digital. While the Scaley borders and barriers look pretty good, I find the silver guardrails a little plain looking. To give them a pop of colour I print out my own advertising banners.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200306_231330.jpg Views:	428 Size:	4.87 MB ID:	25721

    Once I get them all cut out I use hot glue to attach them to the guardrails.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200308_112226.jpg Views:	410 Size:	3.82 MB ID:	25723

    I also did up the curbs on my black borders with a hit of yellow Rustoleum plastic paint. I like the continuous line it gives when used adjacent to the red and white rumble strips of the tan borders vs. the all black stock look.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200308_205432.jpg Views:	394 Size:	4.19 MB ID:	25725

    If you want to print up a set for yourself, I've uploaded the artwork for full sheets of banners here. My laser printer prints a little on the dark side compared to my screen, so I've brightened up the files a bit to compensate. You may have to tweak them for your own setup. The pages are set up for legal sized paper and I recommend getting 100 lb. card stock to print on. The Scalextric part numbers that each file fits are in the file names. These banners are all 1" high and they'll probably work just fine on non-Sport track too. Happy decorating!
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    For a rug racer you have a great setup. Racing is all about sponsorship and a track comes alive when it looks realistic. Love to see what you could come up with if you ever have a permanent layout.


    • drvanski
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      We live in a condo so no permanent layout is in my future. Keeping it real on the rug is where it's at for me for the time being. Not optimal, but better than nothing.

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    When I get my track built I plan on putting foam poster board along the edges of the track and paint it like grass and dirt . The poster board is the same height as the track , so if you come into the corner a little hot you might spin out or you ride the edges .


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      Thank you for sharing these.....very useful!
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        VERY cool!
        Thank you for sharing!


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          Thanks for sharing. Excellent work!.


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            Thanks for having a look. I'm glad to help you guys out.


            • SpeedyNH
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              yes, thanks

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            Tracks going to come out great!


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              They look so much better then the stock rail. Awesome work.