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Coyote Lakes Raceway in Arizona

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  • Coyote Lakes Raceway in Arizona

    The Coyote Lakes Raceway (CLR) provides a fun environment for 1/32 scale Carrera Digital 132 slot car racing and is an evolving platform to satisfy my ongoing creative urges.

    CLR is located in a 15’ x 20’ room in a private residence outside Phoenix in Surprise, AZ. It was designed and built for fun. The raceway is comprised of Carrera Evolution/Exclusiv plastic track with Digital 132 wireless controllers, equipment and cars. Both Carrera brand slot cars and non-Carrera chipped cars are run. I developed and printed most of the decals for the cars and the structures myself. I designed/printed some decals from scratch and others I ‘borrowed’ from somewhere on the internet. The raceway has a pit lane, four double crossovers, and one right to left crossover. A Carrera wall wart with copper taping and three power jumpers provide even current across the circuit (variable power supply in work).

    The scenery concentrates on a circa 1970 era race track in the Arizona desert that is celebrating its first year in operation. CLR is not intended to represent any specific historic race circuit. Many details are post-1970 but not many and even those seem to blend well into the intended era. Many buildings and structures look like they are new and not weathered, but then it is the first year of CLR operations. The kit structures are mostly from Magnetic Racing and are all painted in CLR's color scheme of Almond and Orange. The structures, paddock and spectator areas are lit by LEDs on a separate 12 volt power circuit. People are a mix of vintage and my 3-D printed figures.

    The majority of the slot cars are Carrera brand cars. Many were manufactured and purchased as digital cars. Some have Carrera chips installed into non-digital Carrera cars and into other brands of cars like Scalextric, Monogram, Pioneer,, Ninco, Spirit, Avant Slot, and others. I have a few cars with a Carson chip installed, but most are various format Carrera encoder chips. No apologies for the cars having magnets because I like it that way.

    A geology or biology professor would no doubt disagree with some of the terrain and vegetation in the scenery, but I still sleep just fine at night with the scenery I installed.

    I stole as many good ideas from everywhere that I could. I am not here for profit, just for fun and this document is intended to share some of that fun. Be flattered and proud if I stole an idea from you – not mad. Most of the photos attached are a little old and many improvements have been added since.

    A special thank you to Home Racing World website and forum for ongoing inspiration in the world of slotdom. Also to Dave Reinecke for the visit to his Colorado home and track and for the scenery pieces that were the start of this addiction.

    Half Fast Slotter

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    Look 's like allot of work. Good job on the scenery. Cool name also. Nice room.


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      That looks wonderful. I like your logo & how all the scenery ties in together. The Magnetic Racing buildings look great and add to it too. The picture and track name on the back wall look impressive and add to the atmosphere. Well done. Brilliant.


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        Not to dismiss the overall great work here...but I must admit I got a kick out of the scorekeepers. That's a hoot.

        Well done!


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          That is a GREAT looking Track!!
          Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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            Very nice Jeff.
            Saginaw Valley Raceway
            Only Rule: Just enjoy who you are racing with.


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              A nice looking track, I also like your scenery of the southwestern I to have done a themed scenery of Arizona the Superstition Mountains. I am wanting to incorporate some people into my layout to create areas of interest. You have done that very well. Greta job. Tim


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                Awesome! I just spotted the Widner Automotive sign. I spent a BUNCH of money there for my original 1968 Chevelle


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                  WOW,, Super Kool track!!!!
                  I would love to see any build photos of the various scenic items. Are all the structures purchased or sctratch built?
                  Fantastic and inspiring!!!
                  P.S. Mount a camera in a car and take us on a lap!!!!


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                    I was charmed as soon as I saw the best car I ever owned featured in the pictures- my beloved 1977 Bronco.