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Steve McQueen Le Mans Tribute track.

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    Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made the trees.

    Start with a standard twig, and narrow a bit towards the top. This is about 14" tall. The trick is to find one that is fairly straight.

    Next I drilled a bunch of 1/16th in holes in it, including the base. The holes in the trunk are for branches, the hole in the bottom is for a piece of wire to stick into the layout foam. You might find that for some branches you will have to ream the holes out a bit to make them bigger. I super glued the wire in place.

    Next I added branches using a natural material marketed as "SuperTrees". It is sold by Scenery Express. I used gel super glue to glue the branches in place.

    Next I sprayed the whole tree with flat, dark brown spray paint.

    Next I spray painted the foliage parts using flat green. Don't worry if a little gets on the trunk, you can just mist the trunk a bit more w/the brown.

    Finally, a misted on some spray adhesive & sprinkled on some "leaves". I got the leaves from Scenery Express.

    Placed on the layout.

    Looking up at 1/32 scale figure eye level. Any questions?


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      I have a couple places where I need crowd control barriers. Since none are available (that I know of), I made a test one today.


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        very nice work



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          I made an ESSO Oil Drop billboard. I found someone that sold reproduction decals, bought a couple & then created the frames using Evergreen styrene. One I'm using on the layout, the other one I just listed on eBay.

          Not 100% sure of where I'm going to place this yet but here's what it looks like on the layout.


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            Yep those trees are excellent! So is the billboard!!


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              I was able to get more parts to make crowd control barriers so I made dozen of them in one sitting. I painted these light gray & then added "rubber" tips to the legs by dipping the ends in a drop of black acrylic paint. I'll make a few more of these up & list them on eBay if anyone wants them.


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                I bought a Greenhills Garages Le Mans Toilet Block & modified/detailed it a bit. First I cut open the windows as instructed, but then rather than using the printed ones provided, I used plastic windows & glass that I had in my scrap box. They did not fit perfectly, but since I glued them to the inside of the building, they still looked pretty good IMO. I misted teh glass w/dulling spray. I did not use the printed roof. Instead, I added one using corrugated styrene. I painted it, then aged w/chalks. I also added two vent pipes. I was going to detail the interior, but you can't barely see inside anyway. Will probably add at least one figure though so it gives the suggestion of activity going on inside there.


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                  I'm making a few billboards for the layout. This one is replicates an older, metal one. I made it out of styrene, and then painted and aged it. The rust is simply acrylic paint & chalk. Not 100% sure where I'll place it yet, so I just set it on this short straight for the time being.


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                    Every time I peek into this thread, I am amazed at what you have been up to. Latest projects look great.


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                      Thanks to all watching the build!

                      I bought a box of 40 bottle brush pine trees off ebay for about $20 and added them. I like them, will probably order another box or two. I'm also going to make a bunch more of the larger trees, as I got more of the Supertrees material.


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                        These overview pics that show the overall track are great. Your track looks fantastic. Please keep them coming.