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Wesslings Home Racing circuit

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  • Zippideedooda
    Nice layout Sir. I down sized mine a few years ago and have no regrets.
    Hope you have many years of enjoyment out of it.

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  • dw5555
    Looks like fun Rob. Nice back story as well.

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  • ourwayband
    Great looking layout and nice story about your Dad..

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  • Rob Wessling
    started a topic Wesslings Home Racing circuit

    Wesslings Home Racing circuit

    Hi Guys,

    This is our 1/32 home layout, its an ongoing project and may be completed at some point (can you ever "complete" a layout?).

    Its a small, technical two lane Scalextric Sport layout, with standard wall warts, the first gen Scaley Sport power base, a Carrera lap timer gantry and uses Professor Motor home controllers.

    Its a very basic spec but Ive had the actual track since 2003 albeit in a larger four lane layout,

    Advancing age and senility have necessitated a smaller choice of home and subsequent downsized layout.

    So far as far as fun goes, we haven't noticed much difference to be honest. Our home racing is as fun filled as ever with my eldest Daughter and my two Grandchildren using the layout whenever they are up to visit. My two Grandkids have started their slot car journey with small 1/43 and Scalextric 1/32 sets. They are quite addicted

    One family member missing with my return to our hobby is my old man. Dad passed away last July aged 94 years. He wsas here though to help me with this layout, as he did the other two previous layouts we put together. Dad loved his cars and motorsport, he enjoyed our family's hobby as well.

    Anyway, wow, so glad to be back into slot car home racing and hope to have many more years ahead of me before I get locked up in some nursing home


    Rob Wessling.

    Click image for larger version

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