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Revisiting my 1960s Eldon demolition derby layout (with upgrades)

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  • Revisiting my 1960s Eldon demolition derby layout (with upgrades)

    I recently acquired a bulk lot of vintage lightly used and NOS mostly pre-Cox era Eldon track for about a nickel a piece. Despite its limitations, I decided to make a figure 8 with an intersection for a demolition derby style track similar to the one I had way back when (but now much larger), that came with the Eldon cars that the parts would fall off.

    Instead of the Eldon jalopies, I plan to adapt/build 1/64, 1/43, 1/32, and even 1/24 jalopy bodies to use 2.4 Ghz RC technology (with proportional ESC with reverse RC braking). That will allow an unlimited number of cars to be run in any slot of a 2 lane track. I plan for a racing field of 6-12 cars with double labs changers, criss cross, and squeeze tracks. I love the 22 1/2 degree R3 banking.

    This track will be placed in the infield area of a 12 and eventual 24 extension of my current 80’ lap length length Wall to Wall Artin track. My plan calls for the infield of this oval to serve as the landing field for my 1/32 scale remote tether-controlled Goodyear aerial camera blimp.

    Cars shown are Hot Wheels bodies on lengthened pocket RC car chassis, resin repop of a 1/43 AMT 1936 Ford on the shortened glass-filled nylon portion of a Cox Super Scale car converted to 2.4 GHz RC, and a 1/32 2.4 GHz RC mini car chassis that can easily be modified/lengthened/narrowed etc for mounting under 1/32 and 1/24 bodies.
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    Cars on the banking.
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      Looks like fun!!
      Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...