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    We moved this time last year, and I'm finally ready to build my home track in the room over the garage. The objective is to run both digital and analog primarily for pleasure. The goal is a fully landscaped track with some elevation changes. Since the walls are covered with shelving, the table will be free-standing with at least 20" of clearance all the way around.

    The first step is to settle on the basics of the circuit. The circuit is inspired by the old Paramount Raceway, but flipped to fit the roughly triangular space available. I've been fiddling with the details over the last several days, laid out on the floor. I finally think I've got what I'm looking for. I'll post more here as things progress.

    And it will need a name...


    Click image for larger version

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    Yup, Paramount Ranch has inspired many tracks over the years. Looks like you of have lots of room for a longer run unless you are set on that layout.

    Any track is better than no track..... enjoy it!
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      Good idea, I like your decorating approach.

      Once the table and such is built, it will fit the space nicely.


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        Paul - I'd appreciate your thoughts. I had hoped to have enough room for a longer pit lane, but I needed to leave room for the power base before the bridge. End to end it's about 16 feet; I can't go longer and still have room to make it around the table. I certainly have more track available. I should have mentioned that all the turns will get outer borders and most will have inner borders as well.

        Harry - Yes, there are indeed a lot of cars waiting to take a turn on the circuit.


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          Longer run = longer lap by using elevation to make something like a paperclip shape with parallel straights connected by corners. Or flip the bridge so the other straight is on top which allows a longer pit lane, for example.

          It all depends on your personal vision, not on what I or anyone else thinks. I did Road America because I like the track, not because I got the longest lap possible.

          Point what you like!
          Come Race at The Trace!
          Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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            I bought foam cord poster board for what the track I was planning on doing . It is just a hair bigger but you can bevel the edges so the cars can ride the side of the road when you take a corner


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              I used model railroad cork strips for the border of a track once which was slightly thinner than the track so I ended up cutting strips of thin stiff paper to go under it. Got them to be even and cars never had any problems drifting. In your case it might be more efficient to raise the corner sections of track than to bevel the edge of the poster board.

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            Great space you have there to race in!!!

            envy those long straights!

            if those boarders are from the track system it will give you wiggle room to move to different configurations if you get bored

            all of Dundee Speedways props are built independently of each other so they can be easily reconfigured if the track is changed (changes seem to occur every several years at the speedway) which keeps things fresh and interesting

            look forward to what your imagination builds that might be able to be incorporated on to Dundee Speedway !!!!

            Dundee Denny
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              If you put the drivers' stations along the pit straight it could be difficult to see the far ends of the track. The driver standing next to you may block your view. It would be better to put the drivers' stations on the opposite side of the track, at least from the visibility standpoint. My guess is you might not be happy with that setup for other reasons.

              I don't see many good options without major changes to the layout. Sorry to be such a downer.

              Ed Bianchi
              Ed Bianchi
              York Pennsylvania USA


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                With that much space, I would be checking out a lot more track plans. Looks like you can set up something that might be more fun and make better use of the space.
                Matt B
                So. In


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                  I second what chappyman66 said, any track is better than no track at all. Build what you like.
                  Scott C.
                  Amherst, WI
                  Just "a simple kind of man".


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                    I think you’ve got a great track plan there with a good variety of turns. It should prove challenging and fun.

                    I also think it’s a good length for a two lane track. Any more lap length just gives the cars more opportunity to get away from one another. Better to keep the racing tight.
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