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  • 1/32 Home Racing NY Modified

    I have been building Asphalt Modified Slot Cars to what I would maybe call the “American Commercial Track Standard”. Slot cars with heavy brass chassis, foam tires, oilite bushings, 1/8” axles, fast motors, big guide flags, loosely scale with a max 3.25” width, and lightweight bodies.

    This is the stuff that you would find on a fast wood track or running at a traditional commercial slot car establishment - Mostly 1/24 of course. I started making and offering some 1/32 versions of these Tour Modifieds based off the brass Parma Womp. Even though they were 1/32, they were built to that same “Commercial Track Standard”. So it never really was a “Home Racing” slot car.

    I decided to try to make up a 1/32 “Home Racing” Tour Modified. An actual Home Racer - this time with a plastic chassis, urethane tires, lighter weight, milder motor, and created to actual scale - true 1/32nd scale.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	NYM_home_post.jpg
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    Here it is how it sits now. It has few tricks baked in, but the big thing is, I worked in some of the brass bars and bumpers into the chassis.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Sacks-3.jpg Views:	55 Size:	279.0 KB ID:	91098

    This is like “the innovation” with this car. The brass nerfs and bars are what makes these builds awesome - so I didn’t want to lose them in the translation to a light plastic chassis car. So it has the soldered brass rod stuff like the “Commercial Track” cars, but they press fit and set screw in place.


    This is great if the bars take damage and I want to repair, re-bend, or re-imagine the bumper and bar work. Naturally I computer-modeled up the 3D plastic chassis. I really wanted *function* to dictate *form* here, and I wanted it to exist within the world of modern-era home racing slot cars.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Sacks-1.jpg Views:	56 Size:	188.5 KB ID:	91099

    I was able to get it low like the actual cars, the tires actually are above the ‘belt-line’ of the Chevy Cavalier body work.


    I fit it in a little 1/32 display box - because that is like a part of the home racing slot car experience!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Sacks-2.jpg Views:	57 Size:	219.9 KB ID:	91100

    I will post up some chassis shots later.
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    Your work is so crisp and clean, true eye candy, but even better knowing performance is the main driver.

    Looking forward to chassis pics.


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      Thanks Ausführung! This will not be an all-out racer, but more of home racer, so I tried to build in driveability and durability and make something that could be used on plastic or wood, and still perform well amongst its peers.


      Here is what lies underneath - Since I modeled it from scratch I built in some unique features. I started the project on a lark and naturally I built the simplest chassis possible for starters, then after a few iterations, adding features and track testing, I had a collection of about 18 printed chassis scattered on a side cabinet/table - somehow “a few iterations” piled up.

      I labeled and leader-ed in a few things in the picture - you can enlarge the image if need be.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_exploded.jpg Views:	0 Size:	475.8 KB ID:	91264

      It uses *quality* parts like ball bearings, sets screw aluminum wheels, 1/8” axles, commercial style gears, Urethane tires (with lettering!), Set screw brass rod nerfs and bumpers, and stainless spring steel main chassis torsion rails, removable and replaceable bolt-in guide tongues to accommodate popular guides, a mild 12V motor with serviceable brushes, little wire looms, and adjustable traction magnets.

      I could run a Slotting Plus, Scaleauto, Slotting, or even a stock Scalextric guide - or - a big Parma style guide as are used at the 1/24 commercial track. I made up a few common sizes but could easily make up any particular post diameter size I will need. The piece could even be replaced if it got damaged.


      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_chas-3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	483.8 KB ID:	91265

      In the pic, the top one is for the Slotting Plus and the bottom one is for the big Parma style. I use the washer-shims to make a “controlled stack”, so I don’t have to fuss with cutting/trimming the guide tongue. I put some thin on the bottom and thick on the top, and the braid will ride high, and if I put some thick on the bottom and thin on the top, and the braid will ride lower - closer to the surface - but the overall ‘stack’ is the same height.


      This is a shot of the bottom so you can see the *adjustable* magnets.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_mag-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	320.8 KB ID:	91266

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_mag-2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	313.1 KB ID:	91267

      If I want to run plastic track, I can adjust the position or depth of the neo-magnets with a wrench, so they can be positioned closer or further away from the metal track rails. I just crank down with the Allen wrench to adjust the magnet in its “cylinder bore”. You can see it is standing proud in the 'down' position in the top pic, an adjusted 'up' in the bottom pic.


      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_int-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	348.9 KB ID:	91268

      For body work I used the standard NY Modifieds approach, lightweight laminate printed (like pre-painted and decaled) bodywork, but I added some 3D stuff like a cage, driver, air cleaner, carb, and the rear inner fender-well on the left side like these Cavalier Mods ran back then.


      Click image for larger version  Name:	Tour_bod-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	285.2 KB ID:	91269

      This is the bodywork I made up. It is sized uniquely to fit this actual 1/32 scale car. Put it all together and it looks like an early-mid 80s Asphalt Modified - and it should be pretty sturdy to race. And yes, it is very light.


      Looks good displayed on the mantle - Checks off that box . . .

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Sacks-4.jpg Views:	0 Size:	346.6 KB ID:	91270

      It seems to run pretty well for a plastic chassis car. I will have to ask Harry if I can build one up and send it over to him to test at the Home Racing World wood tracks. It seems like the perfect place to test a “Home Racing” slot car!

      If Harry doesn’t post here I will send a message or email. But for what it is, the slot car runs pretty smoothly and retains some adjustability - you can take little wrenches to it and do stuff with it.

      The car seems like a good cross-pollination of some different slot car ideas put into practice, and so far I am pleased.
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      • Brad_T
        Brad_T commented
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        Looks amazing. You can send me one to test. I'll even pay for it lol.

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      You should be pleased that looks very nice
      Peterborough Ont


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        Ron that is really cool, clever thought in there,
        impeccable work as always!
        Congrats on getting it out there



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          That looks really good and I will be in line for a few of these as well. Thanks for all you do for the hobby. Truly awesome!


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            Brad_T: This is just the very first one I made that seems "finished". But yes I do have *more than 280* different bodies available to choose from so it seems like a natural to offer them up to racers. The chassis is set up with two sets of engine mounting holes so it can accommodate most all motors, if a club/group needed that. An FC130 for example, would be no problem.

            4424ever: Thanks, in the end I do this stuff to amuse myself - and this was a fun build that I had going on the side for awhile - so I am pleased and contented . . . for now.

            FC47: Yeah, I was able to add a few tricks that I think other racers will find helpful or useful - and some of the 'features' will find themselves on similar builds that I have planned.

            GTI: Thanks again to everyone for the good word! I suppose I will offer them pretty soon, now that the first one is done. Again there are some elements to this chassis that will open up some possibilities for me as a builder going forward.

            I do have some new tire castings in the works, and I would love to get a little hands-on track testing feedback on these, beyond my own experience on a small wood track.

            I appreciate the feed back on the board.



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              That really looks great. Car looks like it is from a mainline slot car manufacture.
              Are the wheels and tires larger than 1/32 and that is why your using 1/8 axels?
              As for 1/8 axels, hopefully the bushings can be changed out for 3/32ID, 3/16OD to be able to use 1/32 parts like slot it axels, gears and wheels.
              I hope you put up a picture of these cars racing when you get enough done. Maybe a proxy up your way
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              Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


              • slothead
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                I've been building and racing 1:32 scale slot cars with 1/8th axles and corresponding wheels, tires, gears, and guides since the late 70's. SCC, Professor Motor, and other dealers offer everything needed. There would be no need to use Slot.It parts unless for personal reasons.

                My dirt modified cars built using these same or similar parts are blazing fast and hug my routed oval track like they're on rails.

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              That is awesome work. What ever happened to the Vega and Pinto?
              Smith Scale Speedway - 1/32 Oval Racing


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                I know cool when I see it. Well done sir!!


                • slothead
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                  Does this mean we can look forward to seeing this car get a tryout at the ShowDown Speedway?

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                Great workmanship and ingenuity. Bravo!
                Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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                  Great looking car.
                  Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
                  Connecticut, U.S.A.


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                    Lance Sofa Racer: Hey - I got out my fine point sharpie and edited the "Home Racing" logo cartoon/sketch a bit in the first post, so the couch is now wired to the track, and the gesture is a bit more "relaxed-at-home". I saw your sig and thought - that is on the nose - "Sofa Racer"!

                    The aluminum wheels are .500". If you look at the 15" rim of the actual modified, the bead-lip actually takes the overall diameter to 16". So 1/32 times 16" gets you .500" - so it is dead on in 1/32 scale. Likewise I have my own urethane cast (and lettered!) tires - I just wanted it to be scale - so the wheel and tire setup was important to me - so many times it sets the whole build.

                    Quality vintage commercial track 1/32 cars all pretty much used the 1/8" axles, and shared running gear with their 1/24 scale big brothers. I truly think it is the quality stuff to use, and it is readily available, and has been readily available for half a century, gears of all teeth are out there, very easy to set up, and basically *indestructible*. It will also allow for 1/24 version(s) and other spinoffs using the same axle set up (if/when I ever get to those).

                    I would say try it - you will like it . . . I would agree with slothead that there would be really no need to change out to Slot.It parts.

                    That said, the bores in the chassis for the ball bearings are 1/4", and I know there are bushings out there that use that bore and will run the 3/32" axle.

                    So yes you could run that fairly easily.



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                      smithspeedway: I did them years ago, and at the time I didn't want to reinvent the wheel and start a new chassis/class. The tour Mods use an offset asymmetrical chassis and the old Pintos, Vegas, and Gremlins should run a straight-up, symmetrical chassis.

                      Here is some of that "origami" . . .

                      X3 HENDRICKSON PINTO -

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	X3_Laminate01.jpg
Views:	1869
Size:	370.3 KB
ID:	91777

                      1 CHARLIE JARZOMBEK VEGA -

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Jaws_Laminated01.jpg
Views:	1846
Size:	249.2 KB
ID:	91779

                      X27 RICHIE GOMES GREMLIN -

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	X27_Laminated01.jpg
Views:	1844
Size:	285.1 KB
ID:	91778

                      . . . Plus these folded bodies were a little fussy to put together well, so they somehow got put on the side.

                      However with this new home racing chassis setup I think it is precisely the kind of relatively simple variation that would be possible - so the laminate Pinto/Vega/Gremlin may have life again?

                      I am also working on the hardbody Vintage Modified Coupe(s) on the other thread here - and I really think it is matter of time before I get some other body shells setup as hardbodies, like the cool Pinto, Vega, and Gremlins that raced in the modified ranks.



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                        HomeRacingWorld: Hi Harry, was hoping you would see the thread with "Home Racing Modified" in the subject line!

                        Basically I see this as a spec race car in RTR that anyone could get and just be ready to compete, to run right out of the box - but that also can accommodate changes like motors and guides, to suit racers and tracks as needed.

                        I am looking for some hands-on feedback. I would like to send one over to you to take a look and turn a few laps - let me know what you think . . .

                        War Eagle River: Thanks for the Bravo Kudo!

                        REL13: Appreciate the applaud.
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