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Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club, Inc / R&C Speedway 2021 fundraisers.

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  • Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club, Inc / R&C Speedway 2021 fundraisers.

    Hello everyone
    Awareness Speedway Slot Car Club, Inc is starting our 2021 fundraising campaign.

    Our spring 2021 flower fundraiser.

    We have had great success with any flower bulb, seeds, tubers we have ordered and planted from Flower Power.
    In addition, flowers add a smile when looking at the beautiful blooms.

    Flower Power Link

    We are doing Rada Cutlery for 2021
    Rada products are made in the
    USA and are of high quality. We have many forks and knives from Rada that we love. They even carry granny forks like your grandparents used.

    Rada Link

    When you go to Rada web site a pop up appears just click yes to support ASSCC

    For those of you who prefer Good ole PayPal, here is our link.

    For those of you who prefer Good ole personal check here is our address.
    4900 Carlisle Pike
    Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050

    ASSCC is the only IRS recognized slot car charity in the
    USA. Our unique programs enable, challenge our clients to develop many new habits and skills

    Here is one of our programs.

    Awareness Speedways special friends program is moving forward with tremendous results. Our special friends have excelled at beating their lap records almost every time they run on the track. ASSCC keeps rotating cars until we find a car that our special friends excel with while coaching and mentoring our special friends. While everyone is having fun while chasing the lap record for their lane. We are advancing the voltage to challenge our special friends to continue to set lap records. This will force our clients to adjust to the change presented, in the slot car being faster, handle different and the controller responding quicker do to higher voltage.

    To accomplish laps including a lap record on our track it involves many challenges and benefits for our participants:
    • Therapeutic benefits (eye hand coordination, motorization skills, cognitive skills, assessment skills, communicate with officials and other members of the group as to when they wreck the car they are running so power is turned off as to not cause any more cars to crash, etc)
    • Behavioral benefits (socialization skills ,fellowship, feel safe in a competitive group setting, must have good attitude during the week to be able to participate in the groups scheduled event, etc)

    ASSCC has other unique programs for special needs adults and children.
    • Specialized educational programs
    • Specialized safety programs
    • Most importantly, every one looks forward to getting together with the staff of ASSCC to feel like family while having fun as an individual or in a group setting.

    Every person deserves a place of acceptance.
    Every person deserves a place to play and learn a new skill.
    Every person deserves a place to win and achieve goals.
    Every person deserves a place to laugh, smile and make new friends
    Every person deserves to be treated with respect.
    Every person deserves a place to be accepted just as they are.

    Thank You for supporting ASSCC in these tough times we are all experiencing.

    Thank You
    Rodney Stuber President of ASSCC

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