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Scalextric Monte Carlo chassis

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  • Scalextric Monte Carlo chassis

    Caution when replacing plastic rear axle bushings with bronze. The support posts do no flex, they crack when inserted.

    Had to purchase new chassis. Going to try file some flats on bronze so can insert without damaging. The plastic is more brittle than I expected. The front wheel supports are even thinner & fragile.

    I’m having concerns with failures when subjected to rigors of a extended proxy series. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    The cracked chassis is more than likely still savable.
    Using the Slot Car Corner burr bit, you can slightly enlarge the bushing mounts. You actually want to enlarge them slightly larger than the bushing so it fits loose. Then using an axle that fits kind of tight in the bushings, insert it thru the bushings and place them in the chassis. Then using a thinner style superglue, glue the bushings in place. The axle will hold the bushing in line, and the superglue will "wick" around the bushings and will even flow into the crack in the chassis. It will be stronger than before


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      Thanks for the tips....I’ll try on new chassis. The old one is unusable.


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        By the way, where did you get a new chassis for the Monte Carlo? I didn't think Scalextric is offering spares on the newer cars.
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          Professor motor...p/n W150008