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24th Sprint car chassis - EZY to build..........

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  • 24th Sprint car chassis - EZY to build..........

    Hi Guys, have you seen these? Brass so it is easy to solder and won't go rusty on ya.
    Laser cut and prefolded chassis to make scale looking Sprint Cars.
    Body panels are flat pack laser cut styrene.
    Tail tank cover is 3D printed.

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    Motors can be 16D, Falcon type like 4002's etc, RTR motors also fit.
    Designed to us drag wheels for the accurate look alltough you can add your own twist to it and use 1/8 axles with what ever wheels you normally use.
    Wing or wingless.
    Not too heavy but strong as cut from 1.2mm brass.


    • noddaz
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      Link please!

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    That’s pretty cool, it sure looks like it could be driven well


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      I certainly do like the look of those cars with brass chassis details up top. I'd love to make some of them - BUT, I'm all 1:32 scale. I'm thinking of building a bunch of modern sprint cars for my new oval and will likely use the LVJ brass sprint car chassis unless there's a way to get the version shown here in 1:32 scale.

      I'd definitely use 1/8th axles, Champion parts, and Daytona Stockers tires for the right look.

      Also be interested in just getting the gas tank in 1:32 scale.


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        A 32nd scale version is currently in the works.


        • slothead
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          Thanks for the info. Looking forward to your future posts, and to ordering a few kits.

          Feel free to PM me when the 1:32 stuff is available.

        • noddaz
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          Outstanding news! Please keep us in the loop!

        • williamg
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          Also looking forward for 1:32 scale.

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        When working on a 1:32 scale version can you move the guide mount a little further forward? Most of my dirt car builds have the guide hole centered 1/2" ahead of the front axle. In the images above the distance looks smaller. Also, will Piranha or Predator motors fit in the motor bracket? Don't need anything as aggressive as a commercial track motor for a home oval.

        Just my 2 cents worth of input.


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          slothead, the 3rd to last photo in post #1 shows a motor bracket with both vertical & horizontal positions for motor mounting screws. This makes me think the Piranha & the Predator would be screw-ins. The last photo above shows plenty of room with a FK motor. The 1/32 version will tighten up the dimensions, but I'm guessing a FK will fit. I can't tell if the brass plate with the guide hole is a fixed part or if it can be slid forward vary the guide to front axle distance.


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            I googled 1/24 sprint car chassis and came up with a recent article on this on another forum, but no sale info or price. Apparently the article was listed in the wrong way to sell there.
            Do you have any info on where to buy or prices?


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              Originally posted by slothead View Post
              centered Also, will Piranha or Predator motors fit in the motor bracket? Don't need anything as aggressive as a commercial track motor for a home oval.

              Hi Slothead, in one of Dave's prior posts, he said that Falcon's. 4002 type, and RTR motors will fit the bracket without any all these use the hame hole patterns as NSR/Slot-it/Piranha etc. etc, they will all bolt right in !!

              Chris Walker

              PS nice build as always Dave !!


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                Thanks Chris, you are correct, virtually any motor will fit the 24th chassis.
                The motor plate is part of the chassis.
                The 32nd chassis will be narrower and we are looking at have a slimline motor fit them at this stage, there is a huge range of slimline motors out there but if we can squeeze in the bigger motors we will.
                If you are on Big Brother (Facebook) search for Westrock Racing Machines or go to =>
                This shop is more than happy do send world wide.


                • slothead
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                  1:32 scale sprint cars powered by slimline motors sounds great. I used a lot of long can motors at one time to keep the CG low, but with a brass chassis and thin body panels that shouldn't be an issue.

                  I've only been to one World of Outlaws sprint car race but the speeds are so insane and the high-low action in their videos is so frantic I just have to try building some tribute cars for my new oval.

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                If the 32nd chassis doesn't have the width to fit an FK motor, will it have enough height to fit an FK rotated 90 degrees so the motor mounting holes are vertical? If the FF050 motors satisfy the 1/32 needs, FK motors won't be needed.


                • SpeedyNH
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                  what motor is in a Scaley 1/32 Lotus 25?

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                Awesome...more selections to our slot car hobby!!!
                TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
                Warren, Ohio