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    So Joe here are the cars referred to in dirt track racing
    the 1/24 is a cut down womp with urethane copies of cox rear tires and foams on the front
    the 1/32 is a Scaley A1 cut off with a brass front end grafted on
    Colgate motor in the 24th(it can lift the guide out of the slot) and stock slimline in the 32nd

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    good stuff.
    others were around as well, such as Sprints Plus, although narrowing a Womp gave almost the same thing. three different clear bodies were available, including a 'Kinser'. we used to run 'em with Super 16's on smaller commercial tracks like an Orange, and some smaller home made ovals.
    all b4lls, no brains! my favorite thing.
    also, JK made a somewhat larger & heavier black steel sprint car kit very similar to their Indy car, except more 3-dimensional, which is what some of the spec classes used, including the Lugnut nats with the floor dirt on the tires that i mentioned earlier.
    but my favorites were always the sprints+. here's the one that i ran last. they were simple rockets and you really had to stay on top of 'em (see ab,nb! above). the rears are just keepers.
    once you got it balanced so that it didn't pull the front tires too badly, you were golden. (if they only had drop arms! LOL)
    think the last time i ran it was at Sick Puppy. and that they were.
    all 1/24
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      Here is 1 of my Sprint, and 1 Dirt Mod. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1402.JPG
Views:	238
Size:	2.80 MB
ID:	46677Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1403.JPG
Views:	224
Size:	2.78 MB
ID:	46678Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1404.JPG
Views:	244
Size:	2.76 MB
ID:	46679
      Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


      • SpeedyNH
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        an I32 chassis in a modified! i never would have thought of that. what do you use for motors?

      • REL13
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        The Mud bus has a TRS Falcon, 9/27 gears and The Sprint car has a Piranha 18K 9/27 gears.

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      I have one clear body left let me tell you the Colgate motor in that womp chassis is about all I can handle on my oval with gobs of torque and very quick AND that’s at 10 volts
      Great fun


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        Here are a few more 1/32 cars. these have Hawk motors. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1408.JPG
Views:	200
Size:	2.86 MB
ID:	46716Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1405.JPG
Views:	197
Size:	2.88 MB
ID:	46713Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1406.JPG
Views:	199
Size:	2.92 MB
ID:	46714Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1409.JPG
Views:	195
Size:	2.94 MB
ID:	46715
        Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


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          Love that Hooters super mod!

        • slothead
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          #61 Richie Evans asphalt modified looks great!

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        We've let the crazy out now.

        Just about all of my original 12 dirt modified slot cars when I built Shepherd Speedway in 2005 were powered by Colgate motors. I came up with a standard design for the chassis: 3 1/4 inch wheelbase, 2 inch wide chassis where the body mounts and 1 inch wide at the front, 2 5/8 inch rear track, and 2 1/2 inch front track. I built them from whatever materials I could get - mostly sheet styrene, but also used sheet brass, blank circuit board stock, and some cut down old Womp chassis. Bodies were also made from a variety of materials though mostly paper stock. Over time I moved up to printed graphics on heavy photo paper for all the bodies.

        A narrowed and extended Womp chassis (the current standard).

        Click image for larger version

Name:	12A chassis.JPG
Views:	214
Size:	6.01 MB
ID:	46729

        6 mods lined up for a heat race

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SDS heat lineup 1.jpg
Views:	181
Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	46730

        Closeup of 2 mods with photo paper printed bodies

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SDS mod closeup 39 & 1.jpg
Views:	194
Size:	1.93 MB
ID:	46731

        Lastly, a tribute mod on a newly routed section of an oval under construction.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SDS #711 on SS2a.jpg
Views:	180
Size:	1.33 MB
ID:	46732

        I've built modern modified, vintage modified, street stock, and Grand National cars, but no sprint cars yet. But the new banked oval may have to have some.

        If some of us were willing to build some sprint cars to a common standard I'd suggest using the LVJ Champ Brass Sprint Chassis ($14) with added upper roll cage & bars, a mild motor and some type of Daytona Stockers tires. I'd be fine with a common body template, but that wouldn't matter as long as the dimensions were agreed upon. Even without a formal proxy in place it might be fun to see what we come up with.


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          Slothead, What motors were you think about using, and how mild? H&R has a 14K motor, It's called Jack Rabbit. and what were think on gears, open or just one gear ratio. This sounds like it my be fun.
          Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


          • slothead
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            I think at least 1 of the new predator slot car motors is on its way to me from HRW along with Strangebrew's modified. If it's the 18K version I'll give it a good test and see is it might be a good option.

            As for gears I usually go 9/27 but not sure that needs to be required. I have some cars with 9/25 and 9/29 gearing and never did testing to see how they differ. That's the range I think we aim at.

          • REL13
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            That sounds good, Are really planning on doing this.

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          A friend of mine has a hobby shop in PA. I got this kit from him. The chassis was already built. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1424.JPG
Views:	147
Size:	2.76 MB
ID:	47367Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1425.JPG
Views:	147
Size:	2.75 MB
ID:	47368Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1426.JPG
Views:	145
Size:	2.72 MB
ID:	47369
          Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


          • slothead
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            What's the wheelbase on this chassis? I don't know what 1:32 scale of the WOO wheelbase is but I'll look it up and do the calculation. As for the body I have nightmares about trying to paint clear lexan bodies from the inside decades ago. No quick paint over touch ups for goofs. The sprint car bodies on Shapeways are nice, but expensive so maybe a common template and let creativity take over from there. The rounded rear gas tank would probably need to be 3D printed or resin cast. Someone on HRW could probably do that at a reasonable cost.

          • REL13
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            That car is 3-1/8 and my other one is 3-1/4 .Those body sound like a lot of work to build, The body I have in the picture is a made by Sprints Plus. you can just paint the hole thing one color.

          • REL13
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            They sell already painted bodies for$14.98, and clear for $7.98. The bare chassis for $10.98.

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          Here are the sprint car specs from the World of Outlaws website:

          2019 Sprint Car Specs:
          Engine: 410 cubic inch max
          Fuel System: Fuel injection
          Horsepower: Approx 900 hp
          Compression Ratio: 13-17:1
          RPM: 8,000 – 9,000
          Speed: Up to 160 mph
          Powertrain: In/Out direct drive with quick change rear end
          Lubrication: Dry sump oil system
          Fuel: Methanol
          Wheelbase: 86″ – 90″
          Width: 77″
          Weight: 1,400 lbs with the driver
          Chassis: Chrome-moly frame
          Suspension: Mostly torsion bar, some coil over
          Ground Clearance: 6″ on right, 4″ on left
          Tire Brand: Hoosier
          Right Rear Tire: 22.5″ wide, 105″ circumference
          Wheels: Aluminum
          Steering System: Power steering
          Brakes: Disc brakes

          Cost is estimated to be $60K-$85K for a complete newly built car. That's one spec we might not want to be accurately to scale for our sprints.

          1:32 scale wheelbase = 2.7" to 2.8"
          If width is track that would be 2.4" for 1:32 scale
          1400 lbs = 43.75 lbs for 1:32 scale which converts to 19,844 grams. We might want to go somewhat lighter for slot cars.

          Scale wheelbase and width, 14K - 18K motor, standard chassis or chassis design, standard body or template (sprint cars are basically all the same), and weight range would get my vote. I'd also be fine with a spec wheel & tire combo (CB Design w/ PG's or Quick Slicks) but if someone casts their own tires I understand them wanting to go that route. I'd definitely use 1/8" axles & gears, and Parma/Champion guide, but don't know if that should be specified. I'll build one to whatever standard is agreed upon.

          Looking forward to feedback from those interested. If there is agreement from a few of use to do this for fun I could see if SCC would put together a package where you can order everything at once.


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            Slothead, Sorry,I think I am going to pass on this, I am not into the scale thing anymore. I spent 35 years doing everything to scale, and that is why I no longer doing model trains. I did everything to scale and I am burnet out. That is why I came back to slot cars, So I can just build something and race it. with out someone telling me that the wrong shade of Blue, or that tire was never on that car. Good luck
            Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


            • slothead
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              Just having a conversation and doing the math. The specs I've come up with for my cars is just to keep them all as equal as possible. I do slots just for fun, not advocating anything for anyone else.

              Please let me know where I can get that $10.98 chassis.

              By the way, I think that probably was the wrong shade of blue. Add in 2% more white and it'll be okay.

            • REL13
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              I saw them at When you get to there home page type in sprint car chassis. By the way I am mixing Blue paint right now and I add 2% more White.
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            • slothead
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              Thank you. I checked out the chassis and am considering it along with the LVJ Charger chassis. Though it's about $5 more expensive an advantage of the LVJ chassis is its adjustable wheelbase. For an oval like I'm building the distance from center of guide post to center of rear axle will determine handling and I won't know what the ideal setting will be till I get the track done and do some testing.