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  • House Car Experimental Modified

    Harry gave me some of the soon to be available Predator motors to experiment with......
    So I thought I would build a "House Car" for the Summer Slam to see if the milder motor could be made to be
    competitive with the Piranhas.......
    I built a lightweight chassis using the usual 3/64 & even some 1/32 brass rod..
    I made a concession to a motor mount with oilite bearings & WRP guide mount...( I coulda' made it lighter without these)
    I used 3/8" Pro-Track wheels instead of the usual 1/2"
    This meant trimming about 1/16 off the Paul Gage rears & about 1/8 off the fronts.
    I used a modified & lightened '38 Chevy coupe casting...
    I fudged around with gears using a 10:26 final ratio.....
    I wound up with an 88 gram finished car.
    On my track it runs VERY smooth & nimble also seems to be pretty quick.....we'll see how it runs on the bigger HRW oval......
    Just need to ship it to Harry.............
    Click image for larger version

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    88 grams that’s pretty light should be a nimble little machine although the 10/26 sounds tall unless the predator is torquey enough to pull through it
    Looks good


    • strangebrew
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      Used a taller gear to compensate for lower rpm limit. Less tire & lighter weight seems to allow it pretty good trigger response.....
      Also, a bigger pinion will increase torque.
      We'll find out when Harry does timed runs....
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    Makes sense I’m interested to see the results
    I have a mod here with taller tires taller gears and a long can. Hands down my fastest mod it has good response easy to drive and absolutely hauls the mail. I’ve often thought about sending it to Harry even though it’s not leagal for any of the races just to see what you guys think of it


    • strangebrew
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      Harry just asked me to try this motor...

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    I would like to see how that motor performs


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      I might have missed it but how did this one do time wise? I was really curious since it was a different approach trying to go as light a possible.