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  • Glad to be back in hobby!

    Back after 50 years. I have to say that the workmanship I've seen on the cars and race courses alike is amazing! I'm a bit of a "hack" and I was raised on a 1/4 mile dirt bullring. I once had an auto shop teacher say "the only stupid question is the one you don't ask". With that in mind I have a lot of questions but let's start with three. First, I know over lubrication is one of the cardinal sins. Basic Carerra classic Nascar & Scalectrix Monte Carlo, what to lube, with what lubricant and at what intervals. I have a bottle of Champion turbo-lube claiming to be for bearings and bushings but nothing heavier. Second, my track is new, very old stock, extra wide Ninco. The power pack says 17 volts on it, will that hurt the Carerra & Scalectrix motors or an H & R Hawk 18? Finally, Ninco, very abrasive plastic track, inside & outside skid pads, very short, paperclip type race track, slight banking, not flat. Urethane or Quickslicks, what compound? Thanx a ton in advance!

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    I'll take a stab at it but wait for the pros to respond.
    What to lube. The bushings front and rear. Make sure the oil you are using is plastic compatible. Inox is what I think it is called. Motor just a tinch front and rear of the armature shaft. Some say don't oil the brush end. I do but don't over do it. I have Scaley Sport so it is a slicker track than Ninco. You might wear out urethanes on Ninco so I would say silicone QuickSlicks or the brand of your choice.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


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      I use sewing machine oil on the bushings, guide post. Motor shaft bushings get CRC226. Gears get gear lube. As for tires on Ninco track, rubber or urethane are your best bets, silicone will tend to walk, unless your using magnets. And even still rubber/urethane is best. The Ninco wall power supply is too much IMO. We used an aftermarket power supply, 5A-30v. With magnets we ran at 12.5v, without at 10v.
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        SCC sells a great lube kit and all the other tools you may need.
        bill ,framingham ma


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          I use Superlube from Slot Car Corner, it is a synthetic oil with micronized Teflon suspended in it. I do not use Inox as a regular lubricant, the main ingredient of that is lanolin and it helps to increase conductivity. Put a little on your car's braids to condition the track rails or braid. Slot Car Corner sells Inox. If you are going to use wheels that take setscrews do not use cheap L wrenches, instead invest in a good quality wrench.
          An adjustable regulated power supply is a good investment. One rated at 5 amps is enough for a two lane track, for a four lane track 10 amps would be better.
          On a perfectly clean track silicone tires should have a bit more grip than urethane tires. Silicone tires can get coated with dust and start to lose their grip, rolling the tires on sticky tape will quickly remove the dust and restore the grip. After doing a few cycles of running the cars and cleaning the tires the track will get conditioned and frequent cleaning will no longer be needed. Urethane tires do not pick up dust, so they are a bit less fussy about running on a dusty track, however they will run their best on a clean track. If you run a lot of cars with rubber tires urethane tires would be a better choice.