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spinning out on the inside track

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  • spinning out on the inside track

    Can anyone tell me what size tires are good replacement tires for a artin stocker, cars keep spinning out on the inside track and trying to get them to stay on for my grandson, he slows down but still spins out, thought a tire with more grip might help! any advice on grip would be helpful, we are just running actin power to a 8 ft flat artin oval, with stock artin stock cars, we are having a blast but we keep spinning out on the inside track, I dont know if it's tires, weight or what, your advice is appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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    The first thing to try is cleaning the track. Spray a little Windex on a microfiber cloth and wipe down the track.

    The next thing is to clean the tires. Get a wide roll of masking tape. Peel back a foot or more of the tape and wrap it backwards around the roll, adhesive-side up. You can secure the end with a short strip of tape, adhesive-side down. Then pull the rear tires of the car along the adhesive. You'll probably see black streaks of guck on the tape, pulled off the tires. Repeat until that's no longer happening.

    If cleaning has not helped there are more advanced things to do, such as treating the tires with a softening agent or replacing them with better tires.

    Old tires tend to get hard and lose their grip. Replacement is the only good fix. I don't think you'll be able to buy replacement tires from Artin, but there are a wide variety of tires available from online vendors. Foam rubber and silicone tires give great grip.

    Sadly, buying the right tire is not simple. Folks who own Artin cars may be able to help you in selecting tires and suggesting where to buy them.

    The problem may be that your grandson simply needs to learn how to drive. He needs to release the trigger of the controller and brake before he enters the curve, then gently apply power on entry and maintain a bit of power while cornering, smoothly accelerating as he exits the curve.

    Young children may have difficulty with driving. In that case it helps to reduce the voltage of the track, or add a resistor in series with their controller. A model railroad transformer, like the MRC 1370 should have enough power to run your cars while giving you the ability to dial in a voltage that is easier for your grandson to handle.

    Ed Bianchi

    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA


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      When I raced with my grandsons on my routed oval I always let them have the outside lane because it was easier to drive. They could go faster through the wider turns on the outside meaning I had to be on my game to keep up with them.

      As for replacement tires I put silicone tires on all my oval cars because they worked well on a slick surface. Maxx Trax makes rear tires for Artin cars, M16 is the size for their "Stockers" which are the only Artin cars I have. The Maxx Trac tires worked well for me but like all silicone tires they collect dust and have to be cleaned to run well. If you go with silicone tires you'll definitely need to follow Ed's advice.

      Paul Gage urethane tires might be a good option too, but I don't know what size you'd need for Artin cars.


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        Maybe the stock tires rubber became hard, the artin stockers are pretty old now. I remember the (clean) new stock tires were working great on (clean) artin track. I still have 4 artin stockers, I would be interested in information about Paul Gage tires, too.


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          Thanks for the help, where can I get the max tax tires?


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            I have young grandsons and I have a Carrera GO! track set up for them, have the power base to do a ghost car too, better ghost car system than the big sets. The first thing I did was get larger radius curves and banked curves, I can hardly get around the inside of those minuscule stock radius curves. If you could find some bigger curves for Artin now I don't know? The Carrera controllers have a clip to keep the plunger from depressing all the way for kids to slow them down, helps some. I do a lot of training too, just recently got the 4 year old to slow down going around inside curves on my 1/32 Carrera digital track, a major accomplishment.
            They just want to run over rubber dinosaurs, the laughing is non-stop, not much racing going on .


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              MaxxTrac is a Professor Motor brand. The Artin cars come with decent rubber tires, but rubber tires can get hard with age and loose grip. Silicone and urethane tires are much more stable. You could try coating the stock tires with 3in1 oil, let the cars sit upside down overnight. Probably all of the oil will have soaked in, if not wipe off the excess oil before you put the cars on the track.
              I did do some research and the MaxxTracs were the only aftermarket tires that I could find that fit the Artin wheels.


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                Over the years most of my Maxx Trac tires have come from Professor Motor, but most recently I've ordered some from Cloverleaf. If the tires are not listed on their website you can call or email them to place the order and they'll email you an invoice.

                New tires should help with handling. From a driver development perspective when my grandsons started racing on my track it was a massive crash fest every time till I made up the rule that whoever crashes first loses. Then amazingly we were able to get in some 10 lap races even with one of them on the inside lane. Later, when the younger one really got into slot car racing with me we'd run short Saturday night local speedway type races - 8 lap heats with a restart after crashes where the car that crashed started behind the other car. Three crashes by a car in a single race meant disqualification. If a single car crashed after the midway point of the last lap the other car got to complete the lap for the win. This prevented the trailing car from intentionally wrecking to force another restart. We raced this way for years and had a ton of fun together.


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                  What is the number on those tires for the Artin stock cars?
                  I am still running them on my routed track for kids races. I have a race coming up on 4/11. I'm sure I can get a bunch by then..


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                    Those would be M16s.


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                      I’m not up on Artin stuff, but you might want to copy this to Google Chrome to get a translation: https://www.slotcarstyres.kingeshop....-cbjaaaaab.asp .
                      The seller also lists on the auction site. Another forumite has ordered from the dealer and had good luck. Same for me.


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                        It looks like the tires that Slot Car Tyres sells are urethane, if most of the cars have rubber tires those will be OK, however I did not see tires for the stockers listed. Professor Motor MaxxTrac tires are silicone and if you use both silicone and urethane tires on the same track neither is likely to work at its best. It has been said that running silicone tires spoils the track for rubber tires, I have never been able to confirm that.
                        When kids are running on your track you could reduce the voltage. Ten volts or a little less would work well with kids.