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'49 Ford "Shoebox" Sportsman

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  • '49 Ford "Shoebox" Sportsman

    Built a Ford Sportsman this week.
    I used the K.I.S.S. method on the chassis.
    A piece of .032 brass sheet soldered to an H&R guide tongue & a JK Products motor bracket with a couple oilite bearings.
    brass tube front axle with 1/8 axles, Parma gear & guide with a Jaws motor.
    The usual (for me) Pro Track wheels with urethane tires.

    Click image for larger version

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    I was sorting through a junk box & a "paint/glue bomb", what I think to be, a 49 or 50 Ford sedan fell out.
    I don't know where it came from or who manufactured it. I soaked it in acetone & alcohol , but
    still had to literally scrape all the paint (at least 3 colors) off with a knife blade.
    As a result, the Ace hardware black enamel finish could be a little smoother, but I tired of sanding & primering & sanding again.
    So here it is with some home-printed vinyl stickers.......Runs good, ready for scraping & nerfing.
    (For some reason my camera shows the black ink on vinyl to be blue sometimes...Looks better "in person"....guess I need a better camera)

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Dave J
    Millstadt, Illinois

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    Look great to me Brew. Like seeing the not so usual cars.
    Brian Mc
    Minnecrapulous, Mn

    ”Machinist: One who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data from those of questionable knowledge.”


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      Too bad your not sure where the body came from it looks like it has better proportions than the Lindbergh version
      Nice job it looks very fitting and fast as usual
      Peterborough Ont


      • strangebrew
        strangebrew commented
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        It might have been a children's toy from somewhere. Didn't have much detail. I hogged out the tailights & headlights to proportion them a bit.
        It was a sedan with wing vents & rear window posts. The side window openings were too small, so they got the "hog out" treatment too.
        I don't know where it came from.

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      Looks good!

      I wasn't around those types of modifieds, but I certainly appreciate the looks of them.

      I'm also envious of those of you that can print your own water slide decals and/or vinyl sticker graphics.

      Have fun!
      Andre Ming
      Poteau, OK


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        Chassis looks like what I do. simple but effective.
        Matt B
        So. In


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          Gotta love it!


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            Great build!
            Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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              Very well done, again.

              Back when I made oval car chassis that was how I did it - with a chassis center plate and premade guide tongue. The rear end was usually from a cut up Womp chassis.

              I should probably do more now that I have some motor brackets from SCC and I need a project for trying out the new Predator long can motor.


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                Looks great! I don't have a box of goodies to throw something together quickly.
                Ayton, ON Canada


                • strangebrew
                  strangebrew commented
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                  Let's be clear.........Not goodies!!............JUNK

                • strangebrew
                  strangebrew commented
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                  I shoulda' posted a "before"!

                • Brad_T
                  Brad_T commented
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                  lol, one mans junk....

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                TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
                Warren, Ohio