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bobby allison t-bird protest car

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  • bobby allison t-bird protest car

    in the mid 80s when bill Elliott was beating everyone,bobby Allison and buick made some heads for the GM motor to try to keep up.nascar would never approve the heads (they had a GM part # on them).Allison bought a t-bird from petty ent. (the # 1 car driven by morgan sheppard) to run on the super speedways.he put a buick decal on the b-piller of the car.nascar and ford were not happy but Allison did not care.i met bobby several years ago and asked him about the buick decal on the ford and this is the story he told me.nhra did approve the heads for drag racing.i looked at a set back then at super stock world champion Charlie taylors shop.he said they worked better than anything avalible at that time.

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    I had never heard that story - thanks for sharing!
    (and great looking car! )