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    built a very simple Piranha motored brass chassis this week.
    Used a WRP motor mount & guide tongue as a starting point.
    Brass tube front axle, 1/8" brass strip, two oilite bearings
    & two 3/64" brass rods & VOILA!
    Took about an hour.
    Finished with Parma guide, Big Mama braid, Pro-Track wheels, Cox gears
    & home-cast urethane tires
    ................SUPER LIGHT.....................

    Click image for larger version

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    I rescued a Monza resin cast body from the "used & no longer liked" box of stuff & got busy.
    Added fender flares, massaged the nose, added a hood scoop & opened the side windows a bit.
    Resin driver & aluminum wire roll cage on .020 sheet styrene for the interior.
    Finished with Ace Hardware white primer, Ace Hardware Teal blue followed by Ace Hardware clear enamel rattle can.
    Lettering from ink jet printer on white self-adhesive vinyl.

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    ​​​​​​​......................................The End: Brew.................................
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    Dave J
    Millstadt, Illinois

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    How many are your bringing?

    I really like this car!


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      Great looking car! Can’t wait for the Showdown
      Brian Mc
      Minnecrapulous, Mn

      ”Machinist: One who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data from those of questionable knowledge.”


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        How many are your bringing?
        Just built for fun...........Not planned as a Sowdown car
        Dave J
        Millstadt, Illinois


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          Ok , not sure if this is the right forum for this question or not . And if this is the wrong one please place it in the right one . Planning on building a couple of 1/24 scale drag cars . My question is can you solder brass tubing to spring steel ?


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            Also , can you solder brass to stainless steal ?


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              The reason why I am asking is because I want to try my hand at building a few 1/24 scale chassis , first ones will be for dragsters . If I can get those done I might try my hand at 1/32 scale .