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Help with cracked resin body repairs

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  • Help with cracked resin body repairs

    I'm restoring a cracked resin car body and unsure of an glue to use and how to best reinforce the cracked thin window frame that is detached from the roof and front door (see attched pic). Any help on how to best deal with these issues.

    My first thought is to use epoxy for gluing and possibly reinforce with a resin or styrene off cut, but I can't see how that would solidify the crack at the roof and body end. See attched pic.
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    I would superglue it back together, then I would rough up the inside around the damaged area, and then cover it with JB Weld...


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      I agree...the epoxy will help to build a layer around the crack...may need to do some sanding but it's worth it!!!


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        What about the baking soda - super glue trick . I know from the forum that people have used it to fill in holes on bodies . Wouldn't it work in this application as well ?


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          I agree with the super glue approach. Also, you might try paper impregnated with runny super glue as a backing. I've used paper with super glue for a lot of repairs and when the paper absorbs the super glue the fibres in the paper act a bit like a scale fiberglass and is amazingly robust. It can layered on and be trimmed and filed/sanded once dried. Also the paper could be used to add over a thin piece of piano wire in a slot behind the windscreen pillar. Here's some photos of the process used in a Camaro build. The hood has about 3-4 layers of kitchen roll used as a backing and then filled.

          Click image for larger version

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            Sounds good, I like that paper os flexible and can be glued to reinforce the angles and curves, good stuff. I'll give it a go.

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          Thanks for your suggestions guys. Haven't had much time over the last couple days due to work.


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            The paper and super glue method worked great. Pics after rough filing attached. Still a bit of body shaping to go with body.
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              Glad it worked out, been away for 2 weeks so only caught up with this now.

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            Glad it worked out for you BUT after seeing the pics of your body repair I have to ask
            what are you building there
            I like what I see


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              The body is a '55 Olds. The plan is to build a rat rod with a brass chassis and a blown hemi, which is why I chopped off the front end. I did a similar build with a '34 Ford.