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Finding 1/32 scale car bodies to cast

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  • Finding 1/32 scale car bodies to cast

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Name:	67151969_3087676191272902_422029993380413440_n.jpg
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ID:	46525 Hello everyone! I'm trying to find any 1/32 scale bodies to build a asphalt modified to cast. I love all of you that build your own slot cars to enter the HRW showdown. I have never done this before and just trying to find a 1/32 scale model, die cast of a old Chevy coupe or Ford 3 window has turned out to be impossible. All I can find are 1/25 scale cars. What are you crazy talented people using to get the job done? I want to cast my own because I'm sure I'm going to mess things up. My goal is to build and send my first time creation to Harry for the next Showdown. I can't even get start because I at least need a body to get measurements to build the chassis. Sorry, for my rambling you all know this. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks To All
    Neil, aka 18nascar
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    You can find a Pyro 34 Ford coupe in 1/32 scale, just try ebay. They also did a 34 Victoria Sedan in this series. Look at ebay to see what is available. If you want a mold master, look at 1/32 diecast stuff. There is a lot of stuff out there.
    Matt B
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      Found this at Revell Snap Tite kit (#851752) at Hobbylinc. In stock for $10.75 according to their website.

      I have one mounted on a bad homemade styrene chassis. It runs but nothing noteworthy about it. Never thought of it as a body for an asphalt modified.

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Name:	rmx851752.jpg
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      Another option could be this Lindberg model. I have one new in an unopened box. Probably not as good of an option as the Revell kit above.

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Name:	Lindberg 34 Ford model box.jpg
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      I have several of these mounted on Artin chassis as vintage dirt track cars.

      Here are 2 of my vintage mods, the red '34 Ford mentioned above and another Ford body mounted on an Artin chassis.

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Name:	WGR #4 & #3 Fords.jpg
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      Point is there is stuff around.


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        Thanks slothead, I went to hobbylinc and could not find the snap kit anywhere. I even tried searching the site using the number you provided but found nothing. Like I said it has been difficult to say the least. I will keep searching. My next thing is to hit garage and estate sales but with all that's going on in the world that could be a problem.


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          I put the number in google and this came up 1st page...

          Saginaw Valley Raceway
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            Thanks Dave,
            I know I'm old but I didn't think I forgot how to search on the computer but I guess so. I purchased the car so at least I have something to work with. I hope when I'm done and send my entry to Harry I don't make a fool of myself. Even If I do I'm going to have fun getting there. Now I need to do some research on how I want it to look.
            Thank You So Much!


            • slothead
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              Never too old to try. If you decide you want to borrow something I have to cast let me know.

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            I will attempt to post pics of my build. I'm also going to try casting for the first time. I have a 1966 Pontiac GTO 1/32 scale diecast.
            Love this Forum and all who post. Keep up the good work.


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              someone posted a comment about this website. slot car fever. here is a link for some already made resin 1/32 bodies you might be intrested in.
              i am also looking at casting a couple of metal diecast 1/32 cars into resin. so far it has not as easy as it looks. first pull was promising then the resin kept tearing up the silicon mold on 2nd, 3rd, 4th pulls, after the 2nd pull mold was torn so bad.
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                Those look great! I don't need any more projects, I don't need any more projects, I don't need any more projects...

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              Hi Lance, sorry for the delay I have been out of town. This could be a great alternative for me. Its nice to have more places to explore.