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    Alright guys, I have been painting and scratch building more cars lately. One of the hard parts is always the decals.

    Pattos place is great, and I have submitted more than one order there. But the shipping on small orders is a killer.

    Indycals is also a good resource, but somewhat limited on in-stock sets.

    Who else are you guys buying from, are you printing your own?


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    I get mine on eBay.
    Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


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      It would be nice to know what scale and type of car you want decals for. Some makers only make decals for a single scale and some specialize in a single type of car. Polecat has HO, 1/32nd and 1/24th decals for vintage American circle track cars for example.


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        Rich, I do mostly 1/24 and 1/32 cars. However, this is exactly what I am talking about. Maybe we could add all those resources to a thread so people could more easily locate decals of different scales and genre.


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      I am a sticker/decal nerd and have been collecting for as long as I can remember, here are a few resources. The stories that I can tell from harassing drivers and companies for stickers at our local race track in Cape Town can fill a book!

      [I have bought many decals from Pattos, with some mixed results, and have found some good quality on Ebay as well - this in addition to our favorite online slot car stores who often have a good selection as well ]

      Full disclosure....some of these are not cheap, but the quality and the selection is excellent.


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        Decals from many makers can be found here:


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          I use a lot of GOFER lately on my stocker builds.


          Many of them are small enough for 1/32 as well as 1/32.

          Same can be said for SLIXX DECALS


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            Greetings All...

            Does anyone have contact info /links to companies that custom print decals (i.e. one-off) ?
            Company must be able to print white, also - not just black & other colors.
            I am building some service vehicles & and transporters, and I need BIG company logos for the sides (Goodyear, Firestone, Shell, Caltex, Porsche, etc...)
            Bill W.
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              Indycals will print decals from your artwork - think they will also do artwork for you as well.

              Dangermouse to the rescue.


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                A few years ago I had a local printer do a banner for me, that was done on white vinyl. For decals with white areas you could use white media, but it is much better to use a printer like an Okidata that can print white. A local shop might have such a printer, it would not hurt to inquire. My printer wanted the artwork in .tiff format. I do the artwork for decals using Microsoft PowerPoint. I can do numbers and lettering using a large choice of fonts, then add outlines, shadows and 3D effects. many other effects are possible like arcs and tapers. You can also add all sorts of shapes and import images like logos. A PowerPoint document can be saved as a .tiff.


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                  Would love to find the Ferrari 350 Gunston decals. Pattos has a Lola version but not the Ferrari. Might have to make do....I was hoping one of these makers might have them but no luck.
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                    Is anyone making their own waterslide decals? If so, after printing on a Laser Jet printer, do you spray the decal sheet with Microscale? The real question is this, can Microscale be cut/diluted, and with what and how much?
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                      I posted this some time ago for those interested in printing their own.
                      This is for vinyl, but it works the same for waterslide, which I also do frequently.
                      (Waterslides do need a coat of clear after printing)



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                        Here's a really good one. I've used his decals before.
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                          Originally posted by valie View Post
                          Here's a really good one. I've used his decals before.

                          Don't think Heller will be making any more decals. He’s selling out, from what I’ve heard.
                          Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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                            I just got some decals from Jim Heller last week.
                            Robert- Connecticut, USA. Shoreline Raceways Club.


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                              Personally, or leftover stock on eBay?