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    Looking for ideas on how to move or relocate body mount posts on bodies. Some are resin slosh casts, some bodies are older strombeckers that I am working on. Need some guidance on ways to add new body posts, what materials and glue? I don't want to deform a body by using the wrong adhesive etc.


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    I use 3/16th Evergreen styrene tubing for the posts. Make the posts a little longer than you think you will need. On the chassis end of post I have used two methods. I have taken a 1/2 inch piece of 1/8th styrene tubing and cemented that to the inside of the 3/16th tubing using regular model cement. Once the glue has dried you will have to drill out the 1/8th tubing to take a screw. The other method is to use the brass inserts with matching machine screws that Slot Car Corner sells. You can use epoxy glue or Superglue to hold those in place. Now attach the posts to the chassis and trim them to the correct length. I make a foot for the body end of the post that is a 1/2X1/2 inch piece of ABS from a jewel case plinth with a 3/16th hole drilled in it. I glue the tubing to the foot with model cement. If you try to glue the post to the body without having a foot it will break off sooner or later. Scratch up the body where the foot will go using the tip of an X-acto knife. Set the chassis with the posts attached on a setup block and apply epoxy glue to the top side of each foot. Drop the body in place and position it so everything is squared up. You may need to use shims to keep the body level if there is only one front and one rear body post. After the glue has set it is a good idea to remove the body and add extra epoxy around the feet and in the areas where the posts go through the feet.


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      Great article here



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        I use Plastruct 1/8 tubing. Or use any size that fits your screws.

        I cut a piece off larger then needed and screw it in the chassis. Then I trim till I get my desired height.

        Click image for larger version

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        Once it is the desired height, I just put another piece of tubing next to it, mark it and cut it.

        Click image for larger version

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        I like to cut them with this Dremel tool saw myself. Be careful, it has a appetite for flesh!!

        Click image for larger version

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        Now with all your tubing screwed in to the chassis, you want to rough up the ends that are attaching to the body so the epoxy can adhere to it better. You should also rough up the inside of the body also.

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        I like to use JB Weld Quick Weld metal filled epoxy. I put epoxy on the posts and body. With the body upside down carefully place the chassis in it. Make all your adjustment before the epoxy sets. I like to center the guide to the the center of the body and make sure your wheels are centered in the the wheel openings too. I just leave it upside down till it sets up for a bit.

        Click image for larger version

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        I hope this helps! It is easy once you get the hang of it.


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          That's a great how-to dge467

          All comments have covered most things - but I also keep bodies I have finally junked due to "unsurvivable impact" or "catastrophic damage"
          Sometimes I can just dremel the body post off one of those bodies and fix to the needed body.

          I tend to experiment to get the right length by screwing to chassis first and trimming until the body sits down correctly, then use JB KWIK, with the body post chassis end screwed in correct position.
          Apply a little to the post, more to the inside of the body, and sitting upside down until it sets - 5 minutes touch hard, but leave to cure overnight where possible