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Wings: CA or E6000?

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  • Wings: CA or E6000?

    Having just put together a stable of eight GT3 cars, Iā€™m dealing with attaching wings regularly. What is your favorite adhesive?
    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    Shoo Goo
    Courtney Smith
    Chattanooga TN


    • War Eagle River
      War Eagle River commented
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      Same thing as E6000

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    A sheet of 1mm thick neoprene rubber, cut two mounts, glue them to the wing, glue the new flexy mounts to the long flimsy wing mounting.
    Kevan - Isle of Man
    Life is like a box of Slot cars...šŸš“šŸš—šŸšššŸšœ


    • Zippideedooda
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      Any chance you could show a picture Kevan?

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    My suggestion is to cut the uprights short and mount the wings down lower to the body. Also trim the wings so they don't protrude past the sides of the body. I know that's not how they are supposed to look. But it would probably keep the wing from breaking off in a collision. I have used Zap goo adhesive, with some success. But on the Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage the struts are so thin that most crashes break one of the struts. So far this has not been the case with the Porsche 991, AMG Mercedes, or Ford GT.
    I think E6000 or Shoo Goo would work about the same.
    Scott C.
    Amherst, WI
    Just "a simple kind of man".


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      Remove the magnets if you already haven't. Crashes are way less severe and breakage is minimized. I've close to 400 cars and I've broken maybe two wings over the years and I use E6000/Shoo Goo if needed.


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        Back to your original question. CA or even plastic model glue dry hard and become brittle and come apart in an impact with a wall, another car, or the floor. E6000 stays semi pliant and can withstand impacts better.
        We race 1/24 scale model bodies on 90K brass chassis running S16D motors. I'll construct the entire body using E6000. In a hard crash I've had the plastic body break while the glue holds.