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Sick Puppy Meet, Nov 28th

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  • Sick Puppy Meet, Nov 28th

    Yep, I think it's about time for another meet (finally).

    Spoke with Rick, and looks like it's going to be at the Wood Shop in Weare.
    We've met there a few times, but for those who haven't been there yet, it's the last building on the left at the end of B&B Lane.
    B&B Lane is off of Gould Rd.

    We'll open the gate at 8am. Hopefully we get to racing around 10ish.

    I'll bring a Box O' Joe and a dozen donuts.
    In the past, we always sent someone out for pizza for lunch. Most likely that's what we'll do this time as well.

    At the last meet, there was some talk about doing away with the Comp class, or the way it's run (it's our only breakout class).
    If anyone has any thoughts about the Comp class, let's talk about here so we can get it figured out for next year.
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing

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    Hi Dickie,
    Long....LOOONNNGGG time no speak. :-)
    I don't know if you remember me, but I raced with you and several other guys a few times many years ago.
    Was it Wednesday nights???
    I also helped tape a track which you and Steve built for a guy in Groton, MA.
    Holy crap! I just realized as I typed that...we've been living in NH for 13 years, so it was more than that many years ago as we were living in Westford, MA at the time.

    Anyway, is this event still on for next Saturday, Nov 28th?

    I'd like to come by and watch, but with the recent increase in COVID cases I also wanted to check with you and ask if "strangers" will be welcome to attend.

    Dennis Lerra (oldstromguy)


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      Hey Dennis, yeah, it's been a "little" while...
      At this time, we're still on. If anything changes, I'll post here
      You're more than welcome to come and watch. But be warned...we all have extra cars, and most likely you'll be handed a couple to race yourself.
      Dickie Pearson
      Canterbury, NH

      HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
      MSR - Main Street Racing