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JDS Racing Gasser Chassis?

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  • JDS Racing Gasser Chassis?

    Hi guys, Has anyone tried the JDS Racing Gasser chassis? What did you think of it? Good or best to build your own? Please share photos! Thanks.

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    Hey, yep I bought one some time ago, they’re nice.
    Haven't built it, it does perfectly fit a couple bodies I haven’t got to yet. I’ve built many light brass gassers in the meantime,...our gasser class only turns Pirahna’s at 5oz.
    The Sullivan Fiat inbuilt I kept the guide under.
    But that JDS will certainly put up with the 60k that I have planned for a Christine funny car...


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      Thanks for the reply. Can you run Standard Mabuchi motors like H&R, slot it, Scalextric without modification to the chassis & not soldering the motor in?


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        Yeah, I believe it does, the motor plate is configured for screws, I’ll go dig it out....

        Yes, not screw holes but slots run vertically from the motors locating boss hole in the motor plate. So your normally horizontal motor case flats are vertical on this ride.
        I’d bet you could spot holes and position the motor as you might’ve suspected, seems to be just enough room between the frames....
        but sideways like it’s set up you could fit anything likely up to a cherry bomb.

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          Great thanks for the info