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Feb 8th - Sick Puppy Drags - Weare, NH

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  • Feb 8th - Sick Puppy Drags - Weare, NH

    The Sick Puppy Dragway will be set up at the wood shop for another round of drag racing fun.

    Anyone is welcome to come and check out the action. We have plenty of cars we can share, and hopefully "con" you into making and racing your own cars in the future.

    The address is B&B Lane in Weare, NH. We are in the last building on the left.

    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

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    A day before the race at the wood shop, the meet got moved across the road to the weld shop, thus we renamed this meet as the Weld Shop Winternationals. Turns out the weld shop was more spacious, and there must be something about the air in there, as we had a few records get broken, both in ET and mph. It sure was a fun day.

    We had some new racers from RI join us - Jack, Patrick, Lucas and Mike. Jack had owned a 1:1 Altered in the past, so was no stranger to vintage style drag racing. Jack brought along some slot drag cars he had built and raced from the 60's, and they were very cool. It was nice to see them trying to get the cars to fit our guidelines. Rumour is they are already planning to build more cars....
    We also had Mike Stewart show for the 1st part of the meet.

    Before the racing got started, Andy made a startling discovery when he opened his pit box. His Jungle Jim dragster had broke in half!!! He did managed to glue it back together and race it. Well done Andy. Jungle Jim is proud of you!
    Yes, that's Jungle Jim himself along with Jungle Pam and Miss Vaughn.

    Things got underway with 24 Hot Rods entered in the 1/32 class. Matt's E-lemonater was TQ with a [email protected] pass. Close behind was Matt's Stang with a [email protected] pass, and 3rd was Lucas driving Dickie's Outa' Site pickup (formerly Black Beauty) with a [email protected] pass.
    9 cars had to battle it out for the 16th spot. Matt's 32 Ford fought it's way thru and got the right to challenge the E-lemonater. The E-lemonater ran consistent 1.21's and made it to the final. On the bottom side, Andy's Camaro (which qualified 6th) came thru to challenge Matt.
    Gotta mention that in the 2nd round, Jim's Kong machine tied the mph record at 204.14.
    Andy's 1.2350 was not good enough against Matt's 1.2185, giving the win to the E-lemonater.

    Next up were the Comp Eliminators with the 1.25 index. Topping the 16 car field was Mike Stewart's 55 Chevy with a 1.2530 pass. Andy's Cobra was 2nd (1.2532) with Jim's Khrome Koffin nabbing 3rd (1.2641).
    Mike broke out in the 1st round, giving everyone in the top half a chance. Matt's GTO Judge (#4 qualifier) took advantage and got to the final. On the bottom side, Jim's Mtn Runner van came thru to challenge Matt.
    Matt's redlight gave Jim the win at the start line. Jim did run a 1.2620 to verify the win.

    Next came the Prostocks with 11 entries. Andy's Reher-Morrison Camaro got TQ with a 1.2921 (190.45 mph) pass. 2nd was Jim's Color Me Gone ([email protected]), and 3rd was Dickie's Tasca Thunderbolt ([email protected]).
    Andy would make it to the 2nd round where Matt's Thunderbird would catch Andy sleeping at the light and pull an upset. Matt's T-Bird got sent to the trailer in the next round by the Tasca T-Bolt, which got the T-Bolt into the final.
    On the bottom side, Jim's Color Me Gone put away all comers to challenge to T-Bolt, making it an all 60's final despite allowing cars up to 1999 in this class.
    Dickie's T-Bolt ran a [email protected], but the Color Me Gone was gone, running a [email protected] for the win

    Gassers were next. Jim's Terrible T got TQ ([email protected]), with Patrick getting 2nd running #97 (not on # list) with a [email protected], and Matt's SW&C Willys grabbing 3rd ([email protected]).
    Jim's Terrible T made it to the semi round, where Lucas, driving Dickie's Ohio George Mustang put him away, thus putting Lucas in the final. Matt would work his SW&C Willy's into the final to challenge Lucas.
    Matt red lighted, and handed the win to Lucas who ran a [email protected]
    To say Lucas was happy would be an understatement...

    The crowd favorite Funny Cars were next with14 entries.
    Fresh off his win in Gasser, Lucas, grabbed TQ driving Dickie's newest Funny Car, a Jungle Jim Vega at [email protected]. That 1.1006 is a new ET record for Funny Cars (BTW-the JJ Vega came from the Boss here on HRW. I finally got around to building it. Look for it at the 2020 HRW Holeshot Nationals later this year). 2nd was Patrick driving the Country Girl (1.[email protected]), and 3rd was Matt's Mongoose Duster ([email protected])
    Lucas would take the JJ Vega to the semi final round, where a redlight would put Dickie's Chi-Town Hustler into the final.
    On the bottom side, Matt would get his SW&C Mustang to the final to challenge the Chi-Town Hustler.
    Once again, Matt redlighted, handing the win to the Chi-Town Charger ([email protected])

    Another crowd favorite, the Altereds were next with 9 entries.
    Lucas sure has a knack for picking out fast cars, as he once again was TQ with Dickie's Buzzin Dozen ([email protected]), just missing the ET record by .0003. He did break the mph record though. 2nd was Matt's Fiatastic ([email protected]) and 3rd was Patrick driving Dickie's Wild Willie Winged Express ([email protected])
    Lucas would get the Buzzin Dozen all the way to the final, and along the way ran a [email protected] to break not only the ET record, but also the mph record. Either this kid is really good at this, or his car builder is really good (I'd go with the kid). On the bottom side. Matt's #4 qualifier 34 Ford came thru to challenge Lucas.
    This time, Matt didn't red light. Instead, he caught Lucas sleeping at the light and won with a [email protected] pass to Lucas's [email protected] pass

    Last, but certainly not least, the always popular Top Eliminators, with 23 entries, came out to play. The gang from RI had some very cool cars in this class. Something tells me if they come around a few times, they'll be ready to play as well.
    Matt's Stingaree put the sting in TQ with a [email protected]. Dickie's SOHC to me Falcon was 2nd with a [email protected] pass. That 321.61 is a new mph record for Top Eliminator. 3rd was Andy's Pinto Modified with a [email protected]
    8 cars duked it out for the 16th spot, and the Pure Hell Altered driven by Mike pulled it out.
    The top 4 qualifiers made it to the semi final round, with Matt's Stingaree putting away his #92 Jalopy, and Andy's Modified putting away Dickie's Falcon thanks to a red light.
    This time, it was Andy redlighting, giving the win to Matt's Stingaree ([email protected])

    All in all, a great day of straight line racing. Lots of close racing, some spectacular crashes, and quite a few records broken.
    Cars are getting quicker and faster, which I think is because the track is getting better and better the more we use it.

    This Saturday, the Sick Puppy track will be set up at the North East Motorsports Museum in Loudon, NH for people to try out. Rick and I have set up 4 cars for people to run (we ran them in Comp), and I believe Paul is setting up 2 more. If you have a little free time and want to see some cool 1:1 race cars, come on by and give us a hand. For what it's worth, there is a real Jungle Jim Vega funny car sitting there for us to gawk

    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing


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      Thanks for the photos and the writeup. Sounds like an awesome event! Wish it was closer...


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        Man that looks like a whole bunch of fun.
        Smiles all round.
        Oh to have the space to run a set up like that.
        I love it.