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Sick Puppy Wood Shop Nationals - 12/14/19

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  • Sick Puppy Wood Shop Nationals - 12/14/19

    It's had been awhile since we had a good ol' drag race, so it was good to shake the dust off the straight line cars.
    I got there just after 8 expecting to help Itchie finish setting up the track, but when I walked in, seems some magic elves had done so the night before. Big thanks to those who put in the time and effort on a Friday night.

    All I had to do was get the computer system up and going. That was going well until it was time to see if the printer would print. Despite the best efforts from Bob and I, we could not get it to work. Big thanks to Bob for not only having brought along another printer, but also for the work to install the driver to get the 2nd printer working.

    I did take some videos of the finals, the 1st ones came out pretty good, but later on the videos get fuzzy. Must have gotten some dust on the lens.

    First up were the 1/32 Hot Rods.
    We had 26 entries. TQ went to Dickie's Black Beauty entry with a ET of 1.1939. 2nd was Dickie's Plum Krazy Bug at 1.2096. 3rd was Matt's Mustang at 1.2108
    Even though Jim qualified 16th with the White Fish Cuda, he had to re-earn that spot by holding off 10 other cars, which he was able to. Unfortunately, that meant going up against the Black Beauty, and that was the end of the Fish. Black Beauty didn't last past the 2nd round, red lighting against Jungle's Charger. Jungle's Charger lost in the next round to the Mooneyes Duster, which meant ol's Mooneyes made the final round. On the bottom side of the ladder, the #6 qualifier, Matt's E-lemon-ater dragster worked it's way thru to challenge the Mooneyes Duster.

    The E-lemon-ater, with an RT of .0802 and a ET of 1.2260, could not stay with the RT of .0691 and an ET of 1.2234 run of the Mooneyes Duster.
    Here's the video

    The quickest ET of the class was run by the Black Beauty with a 1.1727. The highest speed was made by Jim's Kong Avante with a blistering run of 200.53 mph. The best RT of the class was a .0002 by Dickie

    Next up were the Comp Eliminators, our only class with an index, which is 1.250
    With 15 entries, Andy's 8 Ball Cobra was TQ was a 1.2511 pass. 2nd was another Andy entry, this one being his Hudy Mustang with a 1.2686 pass (seem Andy's got this class figured out). 3rd was Jim's Mountain Runner with a 1.2830 pass. Andy's TQ Cobra would make it to the semi, where Matt's 66 Chevelle would put him away go on to the final. On the bottom side, Dickie's Go Ape Willy's, after qualifying 7th, fought it's way thru to run against Matt's Chevelle.

    Despite getting a slight holeshot, the Go Ape Willys was not able to hold off the Chevelle, as the Chevelle ran the quickest ET of the class with a 1.2509 pass.
    The video....

    As mentioned, the quickest pass was Matt's 1.2509 in the final. The highest speed was Jungle's new Rail dragster with a 248.84 pass. I think that car will end up in Top The best RT was Andy with a .0052.

    Next came the Pro Stocks. This class is slowly growing as we had 10 entries. Paul's flamed Camaro was TQ with a 1.2728 pass. 2nd was Dickie's Tasco Ford Thunderbolt at 1.3057, and 3rd was Jim's Silver Fox at 1.3095. Paul's Camaro would earn it's way to the final. On the bottom side, Dickie's Rickie Smith Firebird, after qualifying 5th, came thru to challenge Paul's Camaro.

    It should have been Paul's race to win, as he been making blistering passes all the way thru, but a red light gave to win to the Firebird before it even left the line.
    I missed getting the video of this race

    The quickest pass of the meet went to Paul's Camaro with a 1.2732 pass. Highest speed was made by Dickie's Tasca Ford Thunderbolt at 193.70 mph.The best RT was by Dickie with a RT of .0125.

    Next were the Gassers. With a full field of 16 cars, car #43 was TQ (sorry, don't remember who [maybe Matt's?] or which car that is) with a 1.2711 pass. 2nd was Dickie's Ohio George Mustang at 1.2746, and 3rd was Jim's Terrible T at 1.2809. Talk about close at the top!! The #43 car only made it to the 2nd round where Dickie's Ohio George Willys would send it packing, only to be put away in the next round by Matt's 57 Corvette which put it the final. On the bottom side, Dickie's Ohio George Mustang fought off all challenges and squared off against Matt's Vette.

    Despite the Mustang running a quicker ET of 1.2740, Matt's holeshot and a run of 1.2801 got the Vette the win light.
    The video...

    The quickest pass was a 1.2733 by the #43 car, which also had the highest speed of 200.53 mph. The best RT was by Matt with a .0147.

    The Funny Cars also had a full field of 16 cars. Dickie's Chi-Town Hustler Charger was TQ with a 1.1226. 2nd was Dickie's Country Girl Duster at 1.1308, and 3rd was Andy's Jungle Jim Vega at 1.1349. The Chi-Town Hustler would make it to the semi, where a red light would put Matt's Mongoose Duster into the final. On the bottom side, the #7 qualifier, Itchie's Dusta Duster would come thru to challenge the Mongoose.

    Bob listed the Mongoose as the winner on paper, but I have video evidence that shows the Dusta was the winner (even got Itchie's
    Statistics show Itchie's RT of .0317 (to Matt's .0330) leaving the line 1st (barely), and his run of 1.1615 (to Matt's 1.1717) clearly made the Dusta the winner.
    The statistics also say the left lane was the winner, so it's 3 to 1 against Bob's claim (sorry
    Still don't believe me Bob? Here's the video....

    Quickest ET was a 1.1176 pass by Dickie's Chi-Town Hustler. Highest speed was by the Country Girl of Dickie's at 238.40 mph.
    Best RT was a .0067 by Matt.

    Next came the Altereds. In a field of 10 cars, Matt's Fiatastic Fiat was TQ with a 1.0732 pass.2nd was Jim's #38 entry at 1.1021, followed by Matt's Flamed Ford at 1.1477. The Fiatastic was the class of the field, and had no problems making it to the final. On the bottom side, Jim's #38 entry also had no problems and came up to challenge the Fiatastic in the final.

    Despite setting the best RT of the class, Jim's pass of 1.1069 was not able to stay ahead of Matt's 1.0725 pass.
    The video...

    Quickest ET was by Dickie's Buzzin Dozen at 1.0653. The Buzzin Dozen also had the highest speed at 250.67 mph. As mentioned, the best RT was by Jim at .0130.

    Last but not least were the bad boys of the Top Eliminator class with 22 entries. I want to apologize to Matt here. Not sure what happened in the spread sheet, but somehow his #92 entry was not recorded in the qualifying printout, and thus was not placed in the ladder. That said, he was a good sport and ran it against Bob for the #16 spot. TQ went to Matt's Stingaree at .8597. 2nd went to Andy's Modified at .8688, and 3rd went to Matt's Rat at .9059 (looks like we all need to catch up to the Wilder boys in this class). After qualifying 18th, Bob, thanks to a couple opponents red lighting, was able to grab the 16th spot. In order to stay there though, it was decided he had to run against Matt's #92 car. Bob should buy a lottery ticket on the way home, as Matt red lighted allowing Bob to move on, only to face Matt's Stingaree in the 1st round. The Stingaree would make it to the semi, where a red light would let Dickie's Falcon move on to the final. Andy's Modified had no problem coming up thru the bottom side to challenge the Falcon.

    It was Dickie's turn to buy a lottery ticket, cuz thanks to yet another red light by a faster opponent, the Falcon came away with the win.
    Andy ran a .8899 to Dickie's .9646.
    The video...

    Quickest ET went to Matt's Stingaree at .8675. Top Speed went to Matt's Rat at 312.76 mph. Matt also had the best RT at .0006.

    Overall, a great day of racing. Thanks to those who stuck around and helped pack up the track afterwards.
    And again, a BIG thanks to Itchie for allowing us to play on the Sick Puppy track.
    Last but not least, we all missed you Cliffie. ...
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