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Adding digital chip to scratch built oval track Modified

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  • Adding digital chip to scratch built oval track Modified

    I was wondering what would be the best approach to add a digital chip to this NY Modifieds oval track car?

    There is a thread on the build - you can get a sense of the car and chassis here:

    Should I add a mounting post or threaded boss, or maybe a hole for an LED - or just leave it to the end user to install the parts of their choice?

    I have not done any conversions but it seems doable. Seems like it would be a lot of fun in an oval track setting.

    Would appreciate any thoughts and feedback.


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    Drill a hole for the led, might need to grind down some of the chassis to fit chip and get led in proper distance from track, couple dabs of E6000 and done.


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      I didn't make any special accommodations in the design, but I feel there is room, and drilling would be no problem - it seems simple enough.

      So the digital conversion is something I will leave to the fabricator.

      I think a digital oval track would be a pretty good way to run these Modifieds.



      • slothead
        slothead commented
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        Digital would eliminate the lane length disparity issue. Oval racing can be very fast and hectic when everyone is in the zone using analogue, I'd like to see what it's like with digital.

      • Vintage 1/24
        Vintage 1/24 commented
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        Yes, I think a well designed digital oval would add that element of working traffic - the chess game.

      • SlotCat
        SlotCat commented
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        Agreed on adding more realism, we've had 4 racers on my 2 lane Carrera digital road course at once and it's a blast! Two is fun, but when a couple more guys come over, it's even more fun lol!

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      If my buddy can fit a Carrera 1/32 chip into a Scalextric Ford Cortina, this can be done too.