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Yellow flag in ARC PRO question

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  • Yellow flag in ARC PRO question

    So have been using the Scalextric App to race with, and am puzzled about the Yellow Flag setting. From what I have heard/read when someone touches the app screen, the yellow flag comes out and all the cars that did not crash are kept running at reduced power; right?
    Do you still have to hold the throttle down "full"? If so, then you really need to be careful when the yellow flag is lifted cause the cars will take off, (usually crashing at the next turn).
    If we don't hold the throttle down full, then the cars just stop where they are.
    I've tried raising the calibration on them, with similar results.
    Is this how it is supposed to work? What do you do differently?
    Scott C.
    Amherst, WI
    Just "a simple kind of man".

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    You can message Greg (MrFlippant). He would be able to help you if he doesn’t see this to respond.