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3 lane digital?

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  • 3 lane digital?

    I have a 3 lane routed MDF track that I would add a lane shuffle to and possibly some lane switches later. The lane shuffle just requires some routing and nothing mechanical. But it does require digital cars. I know I need a power base, driver stations stations and digital controllers. But, I don't know a lot about digital, so I have some questions.

    1. What do I need to support my 3 lane setup, with respect to power base, etc. The ones I have seen just have provisions for 2 lanes.
    2. Do I need a separate lap counter/timer or is that part of the power base?
    3. Do I need a smart phone or tablet?
    4. What brand would be preferable to accomplish what I want? I have Scalextric, Carrera, NSR and Pioneer analog cars. I know some people have used Scalextric chips in other car brands.
    5. Is an adjustable 15v/10 amp power supply adequate. The track is 60 feet long.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have a 2 lane / 3 lane on one straight, routed carrera digital track ,over all lap length is 55 feet . What i did was cannibalized the lane changes and the control unit into the wood track, basically i removed all the wiring from for the control unit that runs to the piece off plastic track , then hooked up the power leads and the sensor wires to the wood track , also i ran jumper wires for power to the farthest ends of the layout. then using a jigsaw cut out the wood track where i wanted the lane changers to be . Timing system i use is HSSRM on a old lap top . the HSSRM system is free though a donations is an option, which considering how good the system is , is well worth it . There are other systems that use smart phones ect ect.
    I choose carrera because at the time my local hobby shop carried that brand, and i have had very little problems with it .
    And i have a wide variety of cars chipped for digital,,, scaley, fly thunderslot, slot it , and custom built ones too.
    I am not sure how to apply a separate adustable power supply to the track, I am using the one supplied by carrera with the track i bought, At max i have 5 racers and i have never had a power lag. But I am sure someone on this board has and would be happy to supply the detail on how to do it .
    hope this helps


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      also slot it coming out with a Carrera chip that is smaller will make chipping cars a snap...