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Lane Changer Issue

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  • Lane Changer Issue

    At times I have two lane changer tracks that seems the switch doesn’t go back all the way and the next car hits it and the car derails. And if you are going fast, the collision sounds awful. I haven’t put jumpers for power, but the cars seems to be running fine.

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    You might specify which digital system you have as the return function works different from scaley and carrera, or if you have SCX.
    I know scaly flippers return with the next car and a solenoid moves it left or right.
    I may be wrong, but I think carrera flippers return from the length of the guide of the car.
    Check underneath for dirt or carpet fibers keeping the flipper from moving freely.
    Plenty of digital racers here, One will chime in soon.
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      Lance, thanks for the response. I own Carrera, I just switched to digital Wednesday. You are correct with the guide engaging the little black button once it clears the flipper. I took a car in hand and engaged the black button and sometimes it works. So, I swapped out the track with a new one and it working fine. All of it still under warranty, so I will be calling where I purchased the track.