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Scaley Digital car not running on Arc Pro

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  • Scaley Digital car not running on Arc Pro

    I have a scaley digital car that was running fine. Now all of a sudden only the lights work on the car when I us a hand throttle. I have swapped the chip which made no difference. All wiring seems ok.
    Any other car I try is working . Any ideas ?

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    I’d try swapping the motor
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      Yeah, sounds like the motor won't turn. Can you turn the motor by hand? Take it out of the car and test it.


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        You did not say if the rear wheels turn. if they do not turn check if both rear bushings are seated properly. also check if something is in the gears.
        It does sound like maybe the motor.
        on digital, i think the lights come on as soon as the car is on the track. i dont know if it has to be programmed to a controller for the lights to come on. try programming it to another controller.
        Maybe a bit more info from the OP. Did the car have a accident or was dropped before it did not work? Was the motor stressed like if the car was stuck and against something that caused the motor to strain? Maybe like truing tires? the chip may have been blown, but that would not have shown again when you changed the chip.
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          Check the ferret man at the motor. I HAVE them break inside the shrink tube more than once.the lights will work but no power to the motor. Easy to check by taking leads and applying power to the motor taps or use volt meter. Did the removed chip work in another car?
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