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Help Getting Smartrace from iPad to TV

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  • Help Getting Smartrace from iPad to TV

    I did not see a separate forum for scoring/race management systems so I put this here.

    i am using a lightning to HDMI adapter to mirror my iPad on a TV. It works with my iPhone, but with the iPad, the CR code screen comes up and never changes to the iPad screen. With the iPhone, the same CR code screen comes up initially, but after 3-4 seconds the iPhone screen appears.

    I have tried different iPads, power adapters, hdmi cables, and TVs. I get the same result with all combinations, the iPhone works and the iPads do not.

    can anyone help?



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    Maybe you need to have Apple TV for it to work? I have a Kindle and it will only do bluetooth, doesn't even have HDMI out, used to use it for Smartrace but the screen is way too small . I have Smartrace on my android phone now and a Chromecast dongle on the TV, using the google home app I mirror the phone screen to the TV, works good.


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      If you have an Apple TV no cables needed. Just mirror the iPad on the TV.


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        I solved the issue. I upgraded to a new iPad and it worked fine. The old iPad had a very weak battery. Apparently the Apple power supply would not provide enough power to both charge the weak battery and power the picture to the TV.



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          Update: It is not an iPad battery power issue. It was a cheap HDMI adapter issue. The $15 amazon special adapter appears to be the culprit. The $45 OEM Adapter from Apple works like a champ regardless of iPad battery status. There is still a bit of a delay between the start lights on the track and what shows on the monitor. I think this is a SmartRace software issue.


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            It's an HDCP issue - as you've confirmed by using a proper adapter. The "handshake" between the iPad and TV was not happening with the cheap adapter. The delay is a monitor refresh rate issue, as well as latency in the chain of devices. The fix is expensive because you'd have to introduce more equipment and that might not be a 100% fix.
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